Note when traveling to Myanmar

Note when traveling to Myanmar
Guests need to bring lightweight clothing and must apply for a visa if the trip lasts more than 15 days.

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Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia, bordering India, Bangladesh, Laos, China, and Thailand. This country is known as the land of the temple.

For longer trips, you will have to apply for a Myanmar visa. In addition to a passport valid for more than 6 months, travelers should bring identification when traveling to Myanmar to be able to promptly handle in unexpected situations.
Note when traveling to Myanmar
Trips that take longer than 15 days require a visa. Photo: All Points East.
The Kyat is the currency of Myanmar. Currently, 1,000 Kyat is equivalent to 15,500 VND. Visitors can exchange Kyatt for spending and retail shopping. In addition, you can exchange USD for big value expenses. Converting money from USD to Kyat will be faster than other currencies.

The main language of Myanmar is Burmese. English is not popular here. If you're planning to travel on your own, bring basic communication books with you. This is also an interesting way to learn more about Myanmar's culture. You can choose to take a tour for local tour guides and tour operator's support.

Myanmar has only the dry and rainy season, so you can bring lightweight clothes. Traditionally, people here pay attention to how to dress. You should wear discreet, polite clothes. Pay attention to the regulations on costumes at temples and pagodas when visiting to avoid causing discomfort to the locals. If traveling in the rainy season, especially in August and September, bring an umbrella or a raincoat.
Note when traveling to Myanmar
Note to wear discreet costumes when visiting temples in Myanmar. Photo: Corinne Edwards.
September to February next year is the most suitable time to travel to Myanmar. This is the dry season and the weather is not too hot like March-May. When you come here, do not miss the experience of watching or sitting on hot air balloons in Bagan.

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