Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nudist restaurants in the world

Diners when eating in a nude restaurant must follow the rules such as not to carry a phone, camera, scrutiny or touching other people's bodies, as well as make vulgar comments ...

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Here are 3 famous nude restaurants.

First nude restaurant in the UK

Bunyadi is the first restaurant in the UK that diners can comfortably naked while eating. The owner of the restaurant said he was inspired to open Bunyadi because he wanted people to have a "real freedom" feeling.

The restaurant has two areas for visitors to choose from: naked or dressed. The tables are separated by bamboo fences to create a sense of privacy, surrounded by candles to bring a romantic and relaxing atmosphere like in the spa. After success in the UK, this restaurant opened more in Paris, France.
The restaurant opened in June. Photo: CNN.

First nude restaurant in Japan

Amrita is the first nude restaurant in Japan, opening in Tokyo. Initially, the restaurant had regulations not serving fat people and age limits (18-60 years old to eat), but before the opposition of too many people, Amrita had to withdraw the above regulation.

Although prices range from $ 135 to $ 270, tickets to the restaurant on the opening night and a number of other evening events have been sold out. Models of naked restaurants will be expanded in Nagoya and Kyoto. Coming here, diners will be served by Western waiters dressed in underwear serving dishes made from organic food.
Amrita is inspired by nude restaurants in London, New York. Photo: Sam Pearce.

The restaurant accepts nude guests in Germany

Black Cat is a restaurant in Berlin, Germany famous for sandwiches and grilled ribs. Unlike the two restaurants that welcome naked guests at all times, diners to Black Cat are only allowed to undress in certain events, one of which is the Venus festival which takes place on July 8.

Many diners attending the Venus festival of the shop said that they feel comfortable when completely stripping off their clothes in front of everyone. Those who don't like being naked can also just go topless and get a free drink.
The chef of the restaurant said that his point of view is naked to bring relaxation and artistic creation. Photo: Mirror.

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