One day of exploring Oslo, the capital of Norway

Tiny but not trivial, even a destination for millions of Norwegian tourists around the world, with less than 150 USD you can fully explore the city of Oslo in a day.

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With a rich culture and rich cuisine, the beautiful capital of Norway has become one of the top destinations for tourists who want to visit and learn about Scandinavian land. Oslo attracts visitors by the fjords with the road stretching more than 90km to the coast, fresh oysters swimming right under the blue water in the two sides at the beachside restaurants. With less than 150 USD, you can completely enjoy a day of exploring Oslo with interesting activities.
Panoramic city of Oslo beautiful, gentle. Photo: Oslotravelguide.
The first thing is to find accommodation during Norwegian travel days. Particularly in the city of Oslo, there is a whole list of cheap hotels but still ensuring the security for tourists, including solo travelers. Comfort Hotel Xpress Central Station is at the top of the list with a convenient location, only about 100m from Central Station, where trains often circulate. All rooms have a shower, flat-screen TV, enthusiastic staff and fluent in many languages, ready to assist you during your stay. The price for a double room is about VND 100 USD / night.
The ancient Saga Hotel attracts the eyes of all visitors. Photo: HotelinOslo.
Radisson Blu Scandinavia, a luxury hotel with all amenities. Photo Finalcall.
In a shady corner of Oslo city, Saga Hotel is only about 5 minutes by tram from Central Station. This is an ancient building, with furniture imbued ancient style. Request an overhead room, to avoid the noise from the sushi restaurant just below. The double room price is about 110 USD / night. Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel is also an option for Norwegian tourists. With impressive panoramic views of the city, this hotel has 49 rooms, with prices of 140 USD / night. The spacious rooms have extremely comfortable beds, fluffy coats, and Nespresso coffee machines. Buffet breakfast is also well prepared for guests.
Erlend Dahlbo, owner of the famous Erlend Syver Kiosken sausage truck. Photo: Erdette.
Solving the problem of accommodation, visitors need to immediately note the addresses enjoying delicious cuisine in Oslo. You must definitely come to Syver Kiosken with specialties of wiener boiled sausages, served in a cart decorated with graffiti. Sausages are served with strange toppings like potato pancakes, mashed potatoes, salads, and crispy onions. All vegetables are grown in the garden of Erlend Dahlbo - the owner of this sausage. Erlend has been selling hotdogs for 28 years. He claimed to have remembered the face and the preferences of more than 2,000 patrons, so he could know where the locals were and the visitors. The price for a delicious hotdog is only 25 USD.
Professional chefs at Vagghals prepare dishes for diners. Photo: Uke41.
If you prefer the luxurious and quiet atmosphere in the restaurant, Norwegian tourists should look to Vaaghals. This is a rustic restaurant, boldly traditional Norwegian. Like Syver Kiosken, Vaaghals uses entirely local ingredients. You can see the chef making the food firsthand, through a glass window looking directly into the kitchen. An 8-course menu for 4-5 people will reach 125 USD, with pickled lemons, fried veal with attractive apple sauce.
Mathallen Food Hall is a true food fair. Photo: EatdrinkKL.
If you want to fully enjoy the Norwegian cuisine but do not want to move much, Mathallen Food Hall is a perfect choice. Located right by the Grunerlokka River, which used to be a noisy iron factory, now changed its appearance and is packed with food and drink stalls. It's easy to find loads of delicious food while strolling around. You can choose pastries like macaroons, fast foods like salami and cheese, or something more unique like sesame soya curd steamed buns at Bao Bonanza counter for 10 USD.
Small Ostebutikken, with local tourists, often visits. Photo: BilderMeny.
Finally, Ostebutikken, a strange piece of Norwegian cuisine. This restaurant features a red checkered tablecloth. This is a restaurant specializing in French-style cheese which is quite strange to Norwegian tourists, even you will be surprised that this place is full of locals. In soft jazz music, the menu board is written in chalk on the wall every day. You should try Chevre Chaud - hot goat cheese, filo cake with honey and walnuts and served with green peas, Holand peas, and pomegranate seeds, for 20 USD - dessert with a glass of Chablis for 9 USD.
The Opera House is like an iceberg. Photo: Dailymail
In the journey to discover Oslo city, the experience that makes many Norwegian tourists love it is to walk on the roof of Opera House. With an architecture like an iceberg, the Opera House in Oslo is home to many ballet shows and opera shows. Even if you don't like art, this place is worth a visit.
Grunerlokka cafe corner impressively decorated for tourists. Photo: Vogue.
Enjoying coffee in Grunerlokka is a valuable experience. The baristas in the bar have all won great prizes and often visit the coffee farms to find the best ingredients. With only about 3 USD, you can enjoy the great coffee flavor that not every drinks shop in Norway owns.
A ‘pharmacist’ inside a bar in Himkok. Photo: Grandoxz.
At night, Norwegian tourists can find one of the best bars in the world. When stepping into Himkok, you will be impressed by the image of bartenders wearing white doctors-like blouses, skillful hands mixing colorful cocktails from spirits. It's no surprise that this impressive bar is on the list of the top 50 'best' bars in the world. In addition, there are creative drinks from the barley, raspberry, caramel, and sweet milk cheese for about more than 20 USD / glass.
SALT sauna, with views overlooking the winter waterfront. Photo Reisetip.
After a drunken night, it's time to relax, take a relaxing dip in the giant sauna. Although native to Finland, the Norwegian people love the sauna and even build them with great architecture. The SALT Sauna, which looks like a large Opera House, is constructed of wood, where you can heat, next to a furnace carer and more than 100 natives. If you're shy, enjoy the tranquility of the private floating KOK sauna, just 50 meters away.

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