Visit the peaceful towns in Singapore - Thailand

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore and Thailand are two popular tourist destinations in recent times. Besides skyscrapers, busy shopping centers, in these two countries, there are also many strangely peaceful towns.

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MacRitchie is a 250m long suspension bridge, this is the highest bridge in Singapore. Surrounding MacRitchie is rows of lush green trees, peaceful streams, spacious natural surroundings with rare plant and animal sanctuaries.


Lazarus is an archipelago located in southern Singapore with 8 large and small islands. Lazarus impresses visitors by the clear blue sea, fine white sand, rich and diverse natural scenery. Due to not many tourists know, Lazarus is still pristine and suitable for those who love and experience new feelings.

Joo Chiat Road

Joo Chiat Road is home to many Peranakan cultural traits (biracial between Chinese and Malays). This place is impressed by the colorful houses that are used as business shops. Coming to Joo Chiat Road, you will enjoy countless delicious dishes such as beef with coconut milk, braised chicken with tamarind sauce, rice flour wonton, braised pork with bean sauce ...


Sangkhlaburi is a town located in the west of Thailand - an idyllic rural town that is a cultural exchange between Thailand and Myanmar's ethnic Karen. Sangkhlaburi also has many beautiful scenes such as Saphan Mon Bridge, Vajiralongkorn Lake, Muang Badan Pagoda ... The most suitable time for you to come here is the dry season.

The village of Santikhiri

Santikhiri is located in highland with a cool climate, a peaceful village located in Chiang Rai province, Thailand. The majority of people living in this village are originally from China, this is also the reason why when coming to Santikhiri you will enjoy delicious dishes with bold Chinese cuisine, especially Yunnan cuisine.

Walking around Santikhiri, you will feel the rustic beauty with the mountainous ethnic people like Lisu and Akha dressed in colorful traditional costumes. Here, you can also easily buy beautiful and unique handicrafts.

Nong Khai

When it comes to the peaceful towns of Thailand, Nong Khai is one of the places you cannot miss. Nong Khai is a picturesque city located in the Northeast of Thailand and Laos. The life in the countryside is different from the noisy, busy life of most Thai cities, everything here is slow, gentle and smooth.

Besides the natural beauty, at Nong Khai you have the opportunity to see and walk on the friendship bridge between Thailand and Laos, you can also wander the streets of the town, enjoy delicious local specialties, chat with the honest, welcoming and friendly people.
Unlike what we still imagine about Singapore, Thailand these two countries not only have skyscrapers, beautiful and romantic beaches. Here, you also have the opportunity to explore the natural beauty, enjoy the fresh air in the peaceful villages and towns.

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