Quang Tri - the destination of unique travel experiences

Quang Tri is famous as a heroic land during the war. In peacetime, this central land offers unique travel experiences.

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In Vietnam, Quang Tri is the first locality to focus on exploiting the DMZ tourism model. DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone, also known as a temporary military boundary. Around the world, DMZ tours often attract tourists, especially international visitors.
DMZ - a unique travel experience of Quang Tri. Photo: Thanh Son HP.
Once an important base during the wars, Quang Tri now maintains a massive system of historical relics. Forming DMZ tours become a tourism brand of the province. Coming here, anyone wants to experience this unique form of travel.
Lao Bao Prison - a must-visit place for tourists to Quang Tri.
In the morning, starting from Dong Ha city, visitors will visit the ruins of Ta Con Airport - Khe Sanh - Lao Bao Prison. These are all vivid and glorious historical remnants.
Vinh Moc Tunnels - a unique tunnel length of 2,034 m.
In the afternoon, returning along Ho Chi Minh road, visitors will come to Con Tien, Doc Mieu, which is considered the "god eye" of McNamara electronic fence. From here, visitors will visit the 17th parallel, Hien Luong Bridge, Ben Hai River and come to Vinh Moc Tunnels.

The tunnel system has a total length of nearly 2,034 m, height of 0.6-0.8 m, width of 0.9 m divided into three floors, the deepest floor above 23 m. This work has been legendary, attracting a large number of tourists to visit.

In Quang Tri, in addition to the DMZ model, visitors can also experience many different types of tourism with beautiful beaches, new check-in locations. In particular, Cua Tung beach is known as the paradise of beaches. The scene here is still pristine, peaceful, fine white sand with a gentle slope.
Cua Tung Beach used to be the most beautiful beach in Indochina.
The sea water here is clear, the waves softly murmuring as if singing melodious songs. Located in the strait, Cua Tung is less affected by bad weather, can exploit tourism all year round, suitable for international tourists who like to explore new lands.

Con Co Island has a beautiful forest and sea ecosystem, considered a rich natural museum. The island is planned as a peak in the tourism development triangle of Cua Tung - Cua Viet - Con Co.

Quang Tri also has Mui Treo - a protruding mountain peak at an altitude of 30 m, the favorite check-in place among young people. In this position, visitors can admire the panoramic blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine.
Con Co and Mui Treo - two attractive tourist destinations.
To meet the increasing number of tourists in the province, recently, AE Group Joint Stock Company has implemented the AE Cua Tung Resort project. This is a large-scale resort real estate project, running along the coastal road of Cua Tung - Vinh Moc, promising to be one of the most beautiful entertainment and recreation spaces in Quang Tri.

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