Reasons why Bhutan became the happiest kingdom in the world

Bhutan has always been considered the happiest country in the world. Here are the reasons why the happiest country in the world is loved.

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Bhutan area covered with forests: The Kingdom of Bhutan is adjacent to the Himalayas, 72% of the country is covered by forests. Bhutanese always feel better than people of other countries on vacation. Instead of being crowded in stuffy urban areas, they have time to relax and enjoy in the fresh space. It only welcomes a certain number of international tourists visiting the country each year. Photo: The planet D.
Environmental protection is a national philosophy: In addition to Mathematics and Science, children in Bhutan are taught how to protect the environment and basic agricultural techniques. People here think that children need environmental knowledge like getting good grades. Nature conservation has become one of the important "Happiness Index" here. Half of their country is a national park, people feel happy to live in such a condition. A clean living environment is a condition for Bhutanese people to develop their spiritual life.
Modern technology "no door": In the films, many rich-class characters appear, moving by expensive means. Bhutanese believe that this easily makes people jealous of each other. Besides, the news on TV is full of criminal cases, terrorism, wars ... Instead of obsessed with the news posted on social networks, they completely disregard these things. Popular smartphones in the world become "of rare" here. Photo: Dralanviau.
Filled with spiritual happiness: In the West, people feel satisfied when they own trendy items, modern and expensive equipment. In Bhutan, they know how to balance property ownership with spiritual well-being. Even, they do not feel upset if not on the hands of a new iPhone. For the people here, to live is the happiest thing.
Emphasizing "happiness": Bhutan is considered the "pure Buddhist kingdom" in the world. Most people here believe in the law of cause and effect. They believe that if they live well, the afterlife will get full results. This motivates them to be useful, doing good deeds. Besides, most people who live here are Buddhist and vegetarian. Therefore, cuisine in the kingdom is always focused, frugal and very good for health.
The distance between ordinary people and the royal family is close: Bhutanese citizens are lovers of peace and discipline. They have friendly relationships with each other, regardless of class. This intimacy makes people love each other more. A prince can play with other normal students without any discrimination. Monarchy no longer exists in Bhutan but the king and queen of the country always reign in the hearts of the people.
The level of pollution is very low: Bhutan is the first government in the world to ban the sale and smoking of cigarettes since 2004. Bhutanese people live in a clean air, the carbonic level in the air reaches a negative level. The import of chemical fertilizers is completely banned in this country.
People are assessed their happiness level: In Bhutan, the government develops a scientific measure, called "Gross National Happiness" or "National happiness index". This is a way for them to monitor how satisfied people are. Government in the kingdom is always aware of the importance of bringing good and joy to people. All basic expenses such as health, education ... are free in this country. Photo: Newnation.
Rapid GDP growth: Bhutan quickly became rich by allowing India to invest in hydroelectricity. The country's GDP has grown steadily over the past few years. They think that the rational exploitation of resources is one thing that makes things happy. This way help the people here do not have to labor much but still get worthy results. Photo: Gobhutantours.
People have a good rest regime: According to a survey, two-thirds of Bhutanese people sleep 8 hours a day, as opposed to living in developed industrial countries. Getting enough sleep brings many health and mental benefits, making people here feel healthier and happier.

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