Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Reasons you should travel Korean New year 2020 days

Ice trout fishing, participating in the Taebaeksan Snow Festival ... are experiences only have when you travel to South Korea during the 2020 new year days. Kimchi country "hides" many unique and equally interesting activities that appear only in winter, waiting for visitors to "unlock". That is why you should travel to this country for the upcoming New year holiday. 

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Walk to the highest peak of Seoul

Korea is a country with 70% of its landscape being mountainous. And the best time to see the mountains of Kim Chi is in the winter when the mountains are covered with snow, becoming more majestic. The road to the mountain is as beautiful as a picture. Therefore, hiking up the mountain in winter becomes a worthwhile activity to experience when traveling to South Korea during the New year 2020 holiday.
Reasons you should travel Korean 2020 New year
For Seoul, you should walk through snow-covered forest in Bukhansan National Park, where the highest peak of Seoul (836.5m). At that location, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the winter that you can't find anywhere in the city. And your journey is not lonely because, along the way, you will encounter many lovely mountain cats and ancient temples.

Explore Nami island

This island is known for the famous movie "Winter Sonata". Walking on the path with two rows of high maple trees covered with snow is a very romantic scene, which is also an inspiration for many photographers. Ask someone who is good at photography to have a lifetime photo!
Reasons you should travel Korean 2020 New year
If you want to ski, you can visit the nearby Elysian ski resort. There are 8 slides for beginners and intermediate players. So you don't need to worry, the instructors here will help you have a fun "playing with the snow" experience.

"Adventure" with Taebaeksan Snow Festival in Gangwon

Reasons you should travel Korean 2020 New year
In Korea, there is also a spectacular snow festival no less than the Japanese Hokkaido Snow Festival. Thanks to a height of 660m with low temperatures and large amounts of snowfall, Taebaek City became the venue for the Taebaeksan Snow Festival. From the main attractions such as the exhibition of snow sculptures to the winter sports activities such as riding the sled by the Husky dog, dropping yourself on the ski slopes ..., all will wake your own kid who once yearned to play with snow in the golden sunshine. In addition to playing, you can enjoy delicious hot snacks in Korea such as grilled skewers, spicy rice cakes ...

Ice salmon fishing festival in Hwacheon

Have you ever fished on ice? If traveling to the Korean New Year 2020, do not miss this interesting experience. As one of the three largest winter festivals in Asia, the Ice Trout Fishing Festival is held in Hwacheon District in Gangwon Province. This place is famous for its pristine natural environment. In which Hwacheon stream is known as one of the cleanest water sources in Korea. And salmon is a specialty of this region.
Reasons you should travel Korean 2020 New year
When winter comes, the stream freezes with a thickness of about 40cm. Each year, the influx of people flock to Hwacheon to break ice and fish for trout. If you do not have any fishing experience, do not worry, guide and seasoned locals will help you. With the number of fish you fished, you can either grill them or make your own.

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