Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei

Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
Shifen - Jiufen Ancient Village is one of the top destinations when coming to Taiwan. From space, nature to historical stories, this land will surely attract you at first sight.
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Instructions on how to travel from Taipei to Shifen - Jiufen

There are many ways to get to Jiufen old street and Shifen old street from central Taipei. However, tourists often choose one of two ways: Take the bus or rent a private car. If traveling in a large group, it is convenient and cheaper to rent a private car. If traveling 1-2 persons or traveling by yourself, you should choose the bus. Here is a guide for taking a bus from Taipei to Jiufen - Shifen:
Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
Bus stop 1062 - a bus stop leading to the fairy village.
- Taipei - Jiufen old street: Take the MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station, exit at Exit 1 and go back to the first intersection then turn left, continue straight to the bus stop No. 1062. Because the old village is on the mountainside so you can only get off at 7Eleven, then slowly walk up the stairs to explore the ancient village of Jiufen.

- Jiufen - Shifen: Return to 7 eleven to take bus 1062 back to Riufang and from here take the train to Houtong Station for Shifen. Each trip is 1 hour apart, so take a photo of your train schedule on the signboard at Houtong Station.

- Shifen - Taipei: Go against the above instructions. That is, to Houtong Station take the train to Riufang, then take the 1061 or 1062 bus to downtown Taipei. But remember, the train here only takes 1 turns every 1 hour, so you have to watch for the train to get it right if you don't want to "get lost"

Lost the junk food paradise in Jiufen

Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
Jiufen ancient village is crowded and bustling with restaurants close together.
Jiufen is a small village located in Keelung Mount about 50km from Taipei. This small ancient village dates back to the Qing Dynasty, completely separate from the outside world, until the Japanese occupation of China in the late 19th century, it was discovered.

The name Jiufen stems from the fact that this ancient village has only 9 households when going out to buy goods or food, they have to bring 9 parts to 9 families. Although today Jiufen's population has increased to about 4,000 households, there are still many old houses bearing architectural imprints dating from the Japanese rule.
Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
The bus stop is right in front of 7Eleven
At the beginning of Jiufen lane is a 7Eleven store. It can be said that this is the most famous branch of this convenience store system. Because it is like a "signpost" when someone asks about the way to Jiufen. The bus stop is right in front of 7Eleven, so just get off, turn right and go straight to set foot in Jiufen territory.
Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
Jiufen viewed from the mountain of Pingtuo.
Jiufen ancient village is famous for its ancient architecture and "snacking paradise". Along the main road, you will find many souvenir shops and eateries. You can visit Kinh Tien Lo and Co Son streets - the two the most crowded and busiest streets in Jiufen, most of the ancient restaurants, restaurants, museums, temples, ... of the old village are gathered here. Or climb Binh Tra Vo Nhi Mount to enjoy a cup of tea and drop your soul and capture the entire spectacular Jiufen mountain scenery in your eyes.
Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
Jiufen famous blueberry sugar candy.
Besides the old houses, the number 1 virtual living photography spots, what makes tourists like the most in Jiufen is food. Amidst the crowded photo spots and crowds, this old village is a paradise for foodies, especially those who have fallen in love with Chinese food.

You definitely have to dedicate your stomach to trying tablet beef noodles, disum, dumplings, ravioli soup, blueberry sugar candies, grilled sausages, etc. And don't forget, two dishes that everyone must taste when coming to Taiwan: traditional Taiwanese tea and rotten tofu. The shops are in the head of the street it is very easy to find.

Finally, the address that whole team eating and virtual living cannot miss - Amei Tea House. Filming location of On-Air which is the virtual living spot "hottest" in Jiufen.

One more suggestion is, if you do not want to have to find your way around, then touring is also not a bad option. The car with the local driver will take you visiting all from Jiufen village, Chinkuashih village, Pitou cape, Nanya rock complex, and yin - yang sea. Although the time to visit each point is not much, certainly enough for you to save memories and great photos.

Drop the lamp of blessing at Shifang

Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
Houtong Cats Village.
It takes about half a day to explore the ancient village of Jiufen, so if you are lucky enough to catch the bus you will arrive at Shifen old town at sunset. On the way, you can visit Houtong Cats Village - where there are the most cats in Taiwan. This place is almost a paradise for cute cats, with the landmark being a big white cat and extremely cute.
Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
A corner of the old town of Shifen, the rain made the atmosphere more romantic and ancient.
Shifen evokes a sense of a neighborhood in Chinese films. Including a small neighborhood of alleys and paths along the train station, next to it is the colorful shops. Coming here, the most unique thing is not to be free to eat and buy souvenirs at the shops, restaurants ... but rather to drop the sky lantern - Khong Minh Dang.

The practice of releasing sky lanterns has been around for a long time in Shifen. Legend, this place was often attacked by robbers, causing them to evacuate up the mountain to avoid distress. After a few days, the wealthiest men in the village would go down the mountain to investigate the situation, if the bandits had left they would release the sky lantern to call the villagers back.
Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
Drop the sky lantern of praying in Shifen.
Later, releasing sky lanterns became Shifen's culture. Lanterns often come in many colors, each representing a different wish. You buy lanterns at souvenir shops around the train, write wishes and light candles to release the lights into the sky. The hottest spot for dropping sky lanterns is a railway line running along the old town. This railway is still in operation, so if you hear the siren, stand to either side, wait for the train to pass and continue playing. The train here is very slow, not as fast as modern trains, so keep calm.
Review of the Jiufen - Shifen ancient villages, Taipei
Shifen waterfall is poetic.
After releasing the skylights, if you have time, cycle or trekking to Shifen waterfall. 

Normally, to fully explore the beauty of ancient villages of Shifen - Jiufen and Houtong Meo village will take 1 day. But if you have more time, spend two days to visit.

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