Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Roam the hustle and bustle places in Tokyo

If you only have one day in Tokyo, what should you do? An impromptu tour to the holy intersection of Shibuya, watching Mount Fuji from the Tokyo Sky Tree tower or stopping by the culinary paradise at Ebisu night market, ...

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It will be quite interesting when you stroll around these bustling places in Tokyo combining shopping and enjoying many local delicacies.

Explore the bustling Shibuya intersection

Shibuya - the famous shopping, dining, entertainment area of Tokyo that you should visit during your trip to Japan with a series of busy shopping centers. This is also the birthplace of many Japanese fashion trends. And the intersection of Shibuya - the busiest traffic point of Tokyo is considered a modern symbol of the city.

You will be amazed at the sight of thousands of pedestrians moving to cross the road as the lights simultaneously turn red. Organized chaos is always standing at this world's busiest intersection all the time. Joining the flow of people makes you feel like you're hypnotized. Moreover, Shibuya intersection also becomes shimmering, fanciful under the night thanks to colorful neon lights.

Shibuya intersection area is the favorite gathering place for young people in Japan. Tourists can easily feel the bustling atmosphere from the flow of people on the street, the scent of Japanese food spreading.

Go to Tokyo Sky Tree to see Mount Fuji

Tokyo Sky Tree - Japan's tallest tower is a great place for you to enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo from above and Mount Fuji. Although 100km away, on sunny days, Mount Fuji appears very clear, the view is not obscured. Two observatories at an altitude of 350m and 450m respectively help you admire the spectacular view.
Inside the Tokyo Sky Tree tower, there are countless interesting things that visitors should experience. Take photos with the clouds floating in the sky from the observatory. A little scared but enchanting as striding on the glass floor and looked at the scenery below. Indulge in a walk in midair in the steep corridor of nearly 110m long.
In addition, Tokyo Sky Tree also has extremely beautiful view cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, photo galleries, ...

Ebisu Night Market

Ebisu Night Market in Ebisu District is also quite near the two places above that if you travel to Tokyo you should visit. Ebisu is a famous eating paradise in Tokyo, focusing many restaurants on the sidewalk. From aromatic steak skewers to hot pot dishes, famous sashimi, ... and a variety of other unique drinks.
At night, the popular pubs with Japanese style in Ebisu are always crowded with customers. This is one of the bustling places in Tokyo where visitors can freely explore and enjoy the taste of indigenous cuisine.
Ebisu is also famous for Yebisu beer - a long-standing alcoholic beverage of Japan. So in addition to traditional sake, try this hundred-year-old beer. At the Yebisu Beer Memorial Museum, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history of the birth and development of Yebisu beer.

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