Russia turned into the golden, the beautiful touching heart when in autumn

The whole sky was dyed with the yellow of leaves, the soft sunshine spread the sweet honey all over the space. Russia enters the most beautiful season of the year, the golden fall of luxurious and charming, brilliant that captivates people's hearts.

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Russia is one of the most beautiful autumn countries in the world. Autumn is full of red and yellow maple leaves and warm sunshine. The park exudes vibrant colors, covering the sky and earth with astonishing beauty. Photo: Artpoloz.
Coming to Russia at this time, visitors immersed in the lovely golden color, sobbing with the charm, full of enchanting of roads lingering a little of romantic love. Photo: Sergey Ponomarev, Gubanov77.
The autumn of Russia usually starts from the end of September to the end of November. The atmosphere is different with the spectacular scenery of the "colorful dances" spreading throughout the city and the countryside, from the vast lakes to majestic mountain forest. Photo: Katushang, Maxim Basov, Elvis Antson, Daniel Mitchell.
This time is fewer tourists than in summer. Those who love autumn can enjoy peaceful moments, settling souls in the rich nature. Photo: Lyudmila Izmaylova, Lavanda_06, Alista___, Elenashar_visage.
Every autumn comes, Moscow wore a dreamy beauty. The rows of maple, oak and birch change color, filling the streets with vibrant yellow color. The sunbeams shone brightly against the yellow foliage, further adding to the charm, captivating people. Photo: Svetlana_s_o.
For Moscow people, autumn is an opportunity to immerse themselves on the last warm days of the year, before it gets cold. Many festivals take place in the capital at this time, including the famous golden autumn harvest festival. The weather is also suitable for walking around and visiting art museums such as Tretyakov gallery, Ao Patriarch ... Photo: Svetlana_s_o 5, Tala_ruiz.
The average fall temperature in the ancient capital of Saint Petersburg fluctuates around 8 degrees C during the day and 3 degrees C at night, with frequent rain. On a sunny day, Saint Petersburg is also splendid in the vibrant yellow of maple and birch foliage. The two most popular places to visit the ancient capital of Russia are Peterhof Summer Palace and Catherine's Autumn Palace. Photo: Pinterest.
The unique beauty of the Altai region in the autumn stands out with the spectacular natural nuances everywhere. Here, visitors can ride horses, leisurely admire the clear blue lake and majestic scenery. Another popular activity is taking a dip in the Dzhumalinskie hot spring, helping to relieve stress and rejuvenate the skin. Photo: Konstantin Tsibin.
Spectacular views of the Siberian taiga forest in the autumn urged the followers to explore. As one of the typical terrain types in Russia, taiga has not only rugged mountains but also interesting hidden beauty. High snowy mountains, emerald-green lakes, a field of gentle fragrance wildflowers mingling with yellow birch stretching create a charming picture that captivates people. Photo: Sergey Ponomarev, Serge Belov.
The golden autumn in birch land brings visitors gentle emotions but intense. From the simple experience of walking on the leafy path to traveling to the wild and majestic land, every bit of sweetness quietly poured into the soul of the traveler. Photo: Vsevolod Uspensky.

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