Scenic view on famous Chinese autumn road

Daocheng - Yading route in Sichuan is a famous destination, loved by tourists when coming to China because of the beautiful autumn image.

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October is a ripe time for autumn to be everywhere. Integrated into the beauty of the world, Sichuan, the southwestern part of China, is covered with the brilliant golden carpet of nature. This place becomes a destination that attracts tourists who love exploring when autumn comes.
On the journey to discover Sichuan, you will not help but surprised at the famous autumn roads in Daocheng. 
Must spend at least 2 days here, in which one day discoveringYading, you can feel the full beauty of the magic of autumn. Yading Nature Reserve is located in Daocheng commune, Cat Tu town, Sichuan, southeast of the Thanh Tang plateau.
Once a peaceful small village, Yading gradually became a popular tourist destination because of its clean space and beautiful natural scenery. Although Yading and Daocheng are two different places, tourists often put them together on the itinerary and collectively call the autumn route.
The nature reserve is 2,900 m above sea level, possessing 3 holy mountains and 3 lakes. 3 sacred mountains about 6,000 m high is said to be the most beautiful in Yading, ranked 11th among 24 Buddhist holy places in the world. According to the Tibetans, the 3 mountains represent the three Bodhisattvas (Quan Yin Bodhisattva, Manjushri Bodhisattva, Vajra Bodhisattva).
When hiking in the area, you will not only witness stunning views of lakes, meadows, snow-capped mountains but also the opportunity to experience Tibetan culture from local temples and monasteries. People believe that if pilgrims go to the temple here three times in their lives, they will be blessed to realize all their desires in life.
Milk Lake,  Wuse Lake (5 Color Lake), Pearl Lake are three beautiful lakes famous in Yading. In it, the Pearl Lake at the foot of the mountain is like an emerald in the valley, like a lotus flower containing crystal clear blue water. Climbing about 5.5 km of the mountain road takes 6-7 hours, you will reach the 5-color lake and the Milk Lake located at an altitude of about 4,600 m above sea level.
You should book a hotel in the tour area early because the peak season is often in a state of "run out" of the room. Before coming here, guests must contact the reception, the appointment of time, location for hotel to pick up by the sightseeing area does not allow outside cars into except the bus. Daocheng's weather is cold, the air is thin and the wind blowing is quite strong, so you need to pay attention to keep heat and prepare medicine, anti-shock in altitude.

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