Friday, October 18, 2019

Secret apartment on top of the Eiffel tower

Although known for a long time, the small apartment on the top of the Eiffel Tower (France) is still a mysterious and curious place in the world.

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Opened in 1889, Eiffel became a symbolic building, proud of the people of the capital of light. Built by designer Gustave Eiffel, this giant steel block includes restaurants, fast-food shops, galleries, souvenir shops, Internet access points, souvenir stamp shops, etc. with around 500 employees working. Photo: BACA.
This is also the residence of the designer of the tower. Located on the 4th floor of the tower, Eiffel's private apartment is not big but cozy. Contrary to the magnificent and modern design of other areas, the interior of the room is equipped in the simple and intimacy manner often found by scientists. Photo: Pinterest.
The walls of the room are covered in wallpapers of warm colors. Furniture from soft cloth pieces, wooden cabinets to the grand piano is selected in muted tones and minimalist arrangement, creating a comfortable and familiar atmosphere. Photo: Epochaplus.
The laboratory area is built adjacent to small apartments. Located at an altitude of 275 m above the ground, the 4th floor has an area of 350 m2 with a capacity of about 400 visitors. To reach the fourth floor, visitors must use a private elevator. Here, a staircase will lead you up to another small floor, possibly called the 5th floor. Photo: ArchDaily.
Gustave Eiffel once received several offers with huge money to rent space for one night. However, the offer was rejected by the architect who wanted a quiet space to welcome famous guests like Thomas Edison, who gave Eiffel a new recorder. Photo: Pinterest.
After limiting visitors for years, the area has reopened. Coming here, you will have to buy a ticket to have the opportunity to admire this secret apartment through the glass window. Most of the furniture here remains the same and some mannequins erected in the room which look quite similar to Eiffel and Edison. Photo: Tour Eiffel.

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