Sheep farm and 6 spectacular views of yellow leaves in Asia

No need to travel to Europe, Korea or Japan to see the yellow and red leaves, you can admire the beautiful and colorful autumn in Taiwan (China).

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Cingjing Sheep Farm: Cingjing Sheep Farm in Taichung is one of the tourist destinations that are hard to miss when you have the opportunity to come to Taiwan. Dubbed miniature Switzerland in the heart of Taiwan, Cingjing Farm shows a peaceful setting with flocks of sheep throughout the green pastures, under giant windmills. In the fall, nature is more beautiful than ever by rows of trees changing in red leaves and brilliant yellow grass. Photo: Rider_350, Yuuu_kuo.
Taipingshan Mountain: Located in Taipei, Taiwan, Taipingshan Mountain attracts visitors by the roads to the mountain covered in yellow and red leaves. In the midst of the cool autumn weather, this place is an ideal destination for you to immerse yourself in the warm stream of water, amidst the quiet, romantic space. Photo: Living + Nomads.
Wuling Farm: Not only owns a brilliant autumn picture, but Wuling Farm also is not far from Taipingshan mountain, giving you the experience of camping between pristine mountains and hiking, conquering the peak of Majestic Snow Mountain. Wuling used to be a military farm, later merged to become part of Tuyet Ba National Park. Photo: Flickr.
Alishan Mountain: Alishan is famous for its beautiful scenery in Taiwan. Coming here, you can participate in many memorable activities such as exploring majestic waterfalls, visiting tea plantations in the high land, walking along trails and trains through the forest. Autumn is the best time to hunt sea clouds here. At this time, the thin white clouds surrounding the mountain create a beautiful picture like a fairy-tale place. Photo: Livingnomads.
Yangmingshan National Park: YangMingshan is located in Taipei which is one of 8 major national parks of Taiwan. In spring, this place is blooming by all flowers, the autumn stands out and attracts visitors with the moment when the leaves turn red and yellow overwhelming sky. In addition to enjoying the cool nature, taking a scenic walk, visitors can also take a dip in the mineral hot springs amidst cool weather. Photo: Yu_ning_0811.
Shifen Waterfall: Located in Pingxi District, Xinbei City, Taiwan's widest waterfall is a tourist attraction. With the majestic beauty of the red of romantic trees, the waterfall is dubbed the Niagara version in Asia. At the foot of the waterfall, the ancient village of Shifen is a place for tourists to explore the culture of Taiwan as well as to find beautiful angles to unleash virtual living. Photo: Pinterest.

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