Saturday, October 19, 2019

Singapore, France fined, imprisoned nude tourists

Nudity is completely banned in Singapore, France stipulates areas, where visitors are free to show off their bodies, undressing in public places in New York (USA), can be imprisoned ...

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According to the Straitstimes newspaper, not wearing in public or discreet nudity but distributing it to many people is illegal in Singapore. Violators can be fined from 2,000 USD or received 3 months in prison. It is also illegal to be naked in your home in this country if your nudity is caught by others. In 2009, Chua Hock Hin was fined $ 2,600 for being naked in his own apartment and was caught by neighbors. Photo: Pinterest.
As a country of Buddhism, nudity in public places in Thailand is considered obscene, disrespectful of customs and traditions, and against the law. Nude bathing on the beaches of the golden temple land is also illegal. However, many tourists are still nude on deserted beaches or some private beaches in the resort. In July, Daily Mail reported that a group of tourists from England and Australia were arrested by police from the Krabi province (Thailand) and demanded a fine of 500 baht (370,000 dong) for the act of playing nudity on Ao Nang beach (Krabi). The fine for freedom in public places in Thailand varies, depending on the location and the extent of the violation. Photo: Phiphibrazuca.
In the US, each state has different rules about the nude. In New York, people who knowingly naked or have sex in public places can be convicted and face fines of up to 3 months in prison. This penalty is similarly applied in Washington state. Photo: mur_lizka, dovilyyt.
According to Local (France), the tourist destinations on the Riviera and Atlantic (France) are places where visitors can relax in nude, but at the artificial beach along the Seine in Paris, nude is considered illegal. In addition, sex exhibitions in public, crowded places are also considered illegal. Organizers can be fined about 15,000 USD. Photo: Traveler.
In India, offensive and outrageous behavior in public are illegal. Liberalists, however, can relax naked on some of the beaches that legalize nude in this country. Photo: dishadiscovers.
The Netherlands is a comfortable country with liberalism. However, the country also enacted specific laws banning nudity in public places and various populations. Individuals undress in public, where many people do not accept liberalism, can be fined about 450 USD. Photo: Tiffchang0703.
According to Local, Spanish law used to have no rules banning public nudity, so it was always allowed. Currently, the city of Barcelona has enacted a ban on showing off on the streets. The fine depends on the sensitivity of the area where the individual is violating. Individuals can be fined from 131-549 USD. Photo:, Allaboutjanine_.
In 2008, Dubai (UAE) set out regulations to ban women topless or show off their bodies on the beach. Some beaches are put warning signs on visitors. However, the rules only end with reminding that no specific punishment has been imposed. This regulation was issued because locals have repeatedly complained to the authorities that international tourists are constantly naked sunbathing on public beaches. Photo: Lonely Planet.

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