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Skip Sydney, go to the places with beautiful nature in Australia

Sydney is not a certain place to visit because Australia is full of beautiful and interesting places waiting for you to explore.

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Sydney attracts more than 30 million visitors each year, but besides Sydney with the famous Opera House, the beaches, the wild natural scenery, the rich culinary experience ... in many other places in Australia is well worth exploring. Here are 12 landmarks stretching from Melbourne to Byron Bay.

Blue Mountains in New South Wales

Blue Mountains in New South Wales
The name Blue Mountains is named after the blue clouds covering the eucalyptus forest here by the steam and eucalyptus oil combined with sunlight to create a brilliant, beautiful blue. . Located in the state of New South Wales, 2 hours by boat from Sydney, besides the unique natural landscapes, the Blue Mountains is also famous for three natural stone towers Three Sisters.

Melbourne with delicious food and unique street art

Melbourne, located in Victoria, is known for its culinary culture, street art and coffee shops everywhere. There are small streets, long lines of street art works, shops, restaurants and bars. If you want to relax in a quiet space, full of green, you can go to Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (royal botanical garden), bask in the sun at St. Kilda beach or walk on the pier to see the skyline of Melbourne. You can also visit the famous Brighton beach with small colorful huts.

Barossa Valley - a wine region influenced by Germany

Barossa Valley - a wine region influenced by Germany
Located about 65 km from Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is a famous wine region with many local products and wineries. In addition to visiting the valley's vineyards, you can also learn about history at the Greenock aviation museum.

The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

It's slowly disappearing, but the Great Barrier Reef is still a great place to explore. One of the seven natural wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage site, this coral reef is located in the Australian state of Queensland. Containing 400 types of corals, it is also home to 4,000 species of mollusks and 1,500 species of fish. You can tour the coral by scuba diving, helicopter flights or by glass-bottomed boats.

Surf and enjoy music festivals in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a favorite destination for those who love waves and excitement. This coastal town in New South Wales boasts a 19th-century lighthouse, beaches and spas. Here you can surf, watch whales or kayak with smart dolphins and lots of other activities. And if you can arrange a time, the annual music festival here like Byron Bay Bluesfest is also an activity not to be missed.

Tasmania with culture, wild nature

In Tasmania's Hobart capital, you can visit Cascade Brewery, Australia's oldest brewery and a wildlife sanctuary where koalas, Tasmanian devils and others live. Hobart is also noted for its Museum of New and Old Art (MONA), founded by millionaire David Walsh, famous for his unique artwork. Alternatively, Tasmanian hikers can take a ferry from Melbourne to explore stunning trails like the Overland and the Tarkine rainforest walkway.

Alice Springs has mountain ranges and canyons

Located in the north of Australia, Alice Springs attracts many art-loving tourists with lots of galleries. This town is also the gateway to the Red Center desert region characterized by mountains, canyons and sacred Aboriginal sites. One of the most recognizable terrain is the sandstone Uluru area. Their color varies depending on the time of day, glowing at dawn and turning orange at sunset.

Margaret River is famous for its limestone caves

Margaret River is famous for its limestone caves
The Margaret River region of Australia has over 100 limestone caves, 6 of which are open to tourists. These terrific underground masterpieces formed about 1 million years ago and contain many beautiful crystals.

Gold Coast city with many beautiful beaches

The Gold Coast is a city in Queensland where there are many hotels, restaurants and bars. With so many beautiful beaches, this city is a paradise for those who love the sun and white sand. If not, you can also visit the stalls at Miami Marketta - an international cuisine court.

In Cairns, you can take a train through the Queensland rainforest

Located very close to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns offers many beautiful natural landscapes. You can take the train on the Kuranda railway, through Queensland's UNESCO-recognized rainforest, or you can see impressive views from above through the Skyrail Rainforest.

Lots of things to visit in Perth

Lots of things to visit in Perth
Geographically, Perth is an almost isolated city but there is no shortage of things to explore. See Australian wildlife at the Perth Zoo, enjoying food at restaurants, bars and cafes at Print Hall, a renovated space from an old editorial office. For more relaxation, guests can sunbathe by the beach or take a stroll through King Park and the city's botanical gardens.

Go to Kangaroo Island to see the wildlife

Close to the mainland coast of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is the perfect destination for those who love nature and wildlife. Here you can stroll around rare sea lions and observe koala populations and other creatures. You can also explore the island's national protected areas and national parks. As one of the largest islands in Australia, this area is also known for its fresh seafood and delicious food.

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