Strange: Railway lines, highways run through the buildings

With a unique design of railways or highways running through high-rise apartment buildings, many tourists are interested.

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The highway runs through the building

The railway track is built through the "gap" in the 19-storey apartment building in Chongqing City, China, which is becoming a tourist attraction thanks to its unique design.
Trains run daily through the apartment building and all activities of the people are normal.
Located in the southeast, Chongqing City has always been at the forefront of public transport innovations to address the travel problems of over 49 million people. One of the works can be mentioned is the railway running through the building, as introduced above.
Trains run through the 19-storey apartment building
Due to the mountainous terrain, building the appropriate railway system is a challenge for the city government. The solution is to build a train track that runs through the building, instead of going around the building, or forced to demolish to make way for public works.

From the time the road was completed in 2005, residents and visitors to Chongqing can use the Liziba station built from the 6th to 8th floor in a 19-storey building for daily travel.
Thanks to the silencer, the passing train only produces the same volume as a dishwasher
According to planners, when designing, they soon equipped with noise reduction equipment to not affect the daily life of the people. Therefore, when the train goes through it causes only the volume of a dishwasher.

Thanks to this unique feature, the value of apartments in the building has increased due to traffic convenience and convenience for travel.
The highway runs through the building.

The work above makes many people think of the Hanshin Expressway through a building in Osaka City, Japan.

Considered one of the most unique architectures in the cherry blossom country, the 16-storey Gate Tower building has floors 5, 6, and 7 as highways. Thus, the elevator of the building only goes to the 4th floor and goes straight to the 8th floor, skipping 3 floors reserved for the route.
The surrounding structure of the Hanshin Expressway is specially designed to minimize noise and vibration
Many people will wonder, why let the road go through the building? In fact, this was the result of a land dispute but it ended well. The building was owned by a business from the early Meiji period (1886 - 1912). When businesses go down, the building is also affected.

In 1983, the Osaka government redeveloped the area, but the building owner refused to allocate the land. After 5 years of negotiation, the two sides finally reached the current solution.
In a 16-storey building, 3 floors are reserved for the expressway that passes through.
Similar to the railway in Chongqing, the structure surrounding the Hanshin Expressway is specially designed to minimize noise and vibration. So, in addition to the road going through, all activities in the building are still normal.

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