Thai Royal Palace - a beautiful architectural masterpiece of golden temple country

Your trip to Bangkok, Thailand will be difficult to complete without visiting the Royal Palace of Thailand, one of the most magnificent and splendid landscapes in the capital of ten thousand temples country.

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The Thai Palace (Grand Palace) is one of the most magnificent ancient buildings of the Thai people. Officially built in 1782 under King Rama I, up to now, this hundred-year-old structure has become the most famous tourist attraction of Bangkok.
The Royal Palace of Thailand is the most famous tourist attraction in Bangkok. Photo:
Discover the beauty of the Royal Palace of Thailand, the typical architecture in Bangkok

Gorgeous and magnificent, are phrases used by many visitors to describe this wonderful architecture. This has been the residence of the Thai Royal Family for 150 years. Currently, the Royal has moved to the nearby Chitralada palace, the new palace was built more modern and comfortable. However, the Grand Palace is still the venue for important ceremonies of the Royal Family and Thailand.

The current King of Thailand is Mr. Maha Vajiralongkorn, the only son of King Bhumibol, the Thai people attach great importance to the King as well as the Royal people.
Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn means King Rama X during the coronation ceremony at the Royal Palace on 4/5/2019. Photo: Reuters
Since taking the throne, the King of Thailand has taken significant steps to develop Thailand, including tourism. Visiting the Grand Palace and learning about the Thai Royal life is also one of the interesting experiences for visitors.
The Grand Palace used to be the residence of the Thai Royal Family for 150 years. Photo:
The Royal Palace of Thailand is located at Na Phra Lan Street, Old City (Rattanakosin), central Bangkok. This architecture is located in a campus with an area of over 2 km, including 3 main areas: the Royal Office, the Royal Palace, halls and ancient temples.
The palace is located on a 2km wide campus, in the middle of Bangkok. Photo: vntrip
Visitors to the Thai Royal Palace will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the buildings here with brilliant gold-plated towers, or magnificent villas. The interior of the Palace is inspired by the ancient Renaissance style, combined with traditional Thai style.
The palatial mansion combines Western architecture and traditional Thai architecture. Photo: Flickr
The architecture of the Royal Thai Palace is sure to surprise visitors because it is both sophisticated, fastidious, and magnificent and featuring Thai architecture which is the sharp roof and extremely marked curved top. The palace shines day and night with impressive gold-plated towers.
Architecture with curved and pointed roof typical of Thailand. Photo:
Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo) is one of the most striking architectural structures inside the Royal Palace and also the most visited destination. This temple was built in 1785, about 945,000 m2 including 100 high-rise buildings and no monks.

The temple not only has the architectural beauty typical of Thai Buddhist temples but is also extremely sacred with a pure jade Buddha statue of 48 cm x 46 cm size, considered a treasure of the nation defends the rarest in the world.

According to the concept of the Thai people, where this statue is placed will be lucky there, the statue placed in the Royal Palace will bring prosperity and development to the country. Next to the Jade Buddha Temple is a model of Angkor and the Chinese model of the temple which is very impressive.
Famous jade statue of Jade Buddha Temple inside Thailand Royal Palace. Photo: vntrip
Another architectural work inside the Royal Palace also makes visitors admire, it's the Phra Sri Rattana tower, the largest tower here. The tower looks like a high-rise building in the shape of a mountain, inlaid with millions of extremely brilliant gold leaves. Phra Sri Rattana Tower is the place to keep the king's body at death. Around the tower there are protective elephants, one of the Thai mascots.
Phra Sri Rattana Tower stands out with bright yellow. Photo:
Next to Phra Sri Rattana is the Phra Mondop library, which preserves precious Buddhist scriptures. All the buildings in the Thai Royal architectural complex have the statue of the bird god Garuda, guarded and protected.
Statue of Garuda guarding the tower. Photo: Vntrip
As a famous tourist destination and one of Thailand's sanctuary, visitors when visiting the Royal Palace need to dress neatly, not to wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, smoke, to wear slippers. Opening hours: 8:30 am to 15:30 pm, Admission: 500 baht (382,000 VND).
The Royal Palace of Thailand is a charming destination amid the bustling Bangkook. Photo:
Travel to Thailand and visit the Grand Palace, visitors will be immersed in a beautiful and impressive architectural space. If you have the opportunity to travel to Thailand, do not miss this wonderful destination.

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