Thursday, October 17, 2019

The airline turned the wishes of the child into reality

5-year-old boy achieved his wish to become an honorary flight attendant on a trip to Disney Park.

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Stephen "S.J." Awwad and his family, from Michigan to Disney park in Florida for a week's vacation. This flight is sponsored by Make-A-Wish Michigan charity organization. Before taking off on October 14, S.J. has a special suggestion: distributing snacks for guests during the flight.

Allegiant Air, the airline that has partnered with Make-A-Wish since 2012, has made SJ's second wish into a reality. They prepared a small uniform and pinned the boy's shirt plate.

"This is the first time a child has asked to serve snacks for passengers on the flight. We found SJ likes flights, so we want to make the experience even more special," Hilarie Gre said. , a spokesman for the company, said.
The airline turned the wishes of the child into reality
Honorary flight attendant S.J. distributing food to passengers on board. Photo: Sonya Padgett.
Mrs. Danielle, S.J.'s mother, cannot express her feelings when she sees her child's wish come true: "We are lucky to be able to spend a week together and not stressed about anything."

She also said S.J. 
was born with 10 congenital heart defects and one day he will need a heart transplant. The doctor predicted that SJ would not survive until his first birthday. "The fact that he is 5 years old, will be 6 years old and alive to continue the trip, that is very meaningful to my family," said Mrs. Danielle proudly.

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