The beauty of Chinese towns in the winter

In mid-December, heavy, white, snow falls on the ancient porch of Fenghuang and Zhouzhuang towns.

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Phoenix ancient town

Located in Hunan Province, the ancient Phoenix is a favorite destination for tourists. Contrary to the usually crowded scene, the old town on the side of the Da Giang river has ancient beauty. The winter of the town usually lasts from November to February next year. December is the best time to come here, this time the temperature can drop to minus 5 degrees C. Photo: Lan Huong.
The flow of Da Giang is also more calm now, the water level is low to reveal the stone bridge across the river. Following the small streets in the old town, visitors can enjoy hot dishes such as steamed dumplings, grilled sausage, rotten tofu, spicy wonton and soy milk. Photo: Lan Huong.

Wuzhen ancient town

With a history of over 1,300 years, this is one of the 6 most famous ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River. Located in triangle of 3 cities Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Photo: Xu Yu / Xinhua.
Coming here in the winter, visitors can stroll on the snowy white stone roads, sit in the boat watching the willows hanging by the river or watch the cinema and perform martial arts. Photo: Xu Yu / Xinhua.

Xidi Village

Located at the foot of Huangshan Mountain (Anhui Province), Xidi Village was built in the Northern Song Dynasty. In winter, the temperature here can drop to minus 10 degrees. The surrounding scenery of the mountains and the ancient roads are covered with white snow. Photo: Shutterstock / Theway I See.
In 2000, along with Hoanh Thon village, Xidi village was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its long history, landscapes and architecture preserved for hundreds of years. Currently, the village has about 124 old houses from the Ming and Thanh dynasties. Specialties of the people are pork leg and chicken hung in the kitchen, visitors can enjoy here or buy as gifts. Photo: Shutterstock / HelloRF Zcool.

Zhouzhuang ancient town

Located in the golden triangle between Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, Zhouzhuang is on CNN's list of the 10 most beautiful towns in the world. The unique feature of this place is 14 ancient stone bridges, built from the Nguyen, Minh and Thanh dynasties. Photo: Sohu.
Winter is the best time to visit Zhouzhuang, when the weather becomes comfortable and there is light rain. Here, visitors can take a boat along the canals to explore the town, watching the outstanding red lanterns on the snow-covered porch. Enjoying stewed pork leg and local rice wine to warm the body is also an experience to try in Zhouzhuang. Photo: Sohu.

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