Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The beauty of Hongyadong in Chongqing

Located in Chongqing City, Hongyadong stands out for its 11-storey, 75-meter-high stilted house on a steep cliff on the banks of the Gia Linh River.

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Hongyadong is one of the famous landscapes of Chongqing, located at the junction of the Yangtze and Gia Linh rivers. Photo: Steven Chau.
This unique architectural complex stands out with the magical colors emanating from the interconnected wooden stilt houses. This site is erected on a cliff next to the Gia Linh River, including 11 floors, carved patterns and mossy tile roofs. Photo: Pixabay.
Currently, Hongyadong is a commercial complex with many shops attracting tourists in Chongqing. Photo: Steven Chau.
This destination is also particularly famous for the fanciful shimmer as the backdrop of the movie The Land of the Soul (the famous Japanese teenage animation film launched in 2001). Photo: Steven Chau.
At night, Hong Nhai Dong is lit by warm lights, reflecting on the water like a floating market among towering buildings. Visitors admire this beautiful and romantic setting from many different angles. Photo: Pixapay.
Tourists walk along the Qiansimen Bridge or take a yacht on Gia Linh River to admire the panoramic view of Hongyadong. Photo: Pixapay.
Alternatively, guests can stroll along the balconies of buildings at Hongyadong. This is one of the suitable locations to take photos of the Gia Linh River. Photo: Pixapay.
Besides, visitors can visit famous landmarks such as Xich Thuy waterfall, Tu Dong Cau, Thien Sinh Tam Kieu ... Photo: Pixapay.
At the same time, visitors are also given a ticket to experience high-speed trains through high-rise buildings - one of the characteristics of Chongqing city. Photo: Pixapay.

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