Saturday, October 19, 2019

The US state pays people to live in, amazingly beautiful in the fall

Vermont is known as the most romantic land in America. The autumn scenery here makes the tourist followers flutter.

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Vermont is known as the most romantic and peaceful land in America. The population is thin, the flora system is growing, making it a lush, beautiful natural landscape like a fairy. Vermont has the second lowest population in the United States, the proportion of the elderly increases. This led to the state government's new policy, encouraging residents to settle down. Photo: aaron.k.baker, erubes1.
According to CNN, in May 2018, the state of Vermont passed a policy of paying $ 10,000 for 100 people to come to the state in 2019. To enjoy this money, residents must be an official employee of a company out of Vermont and become a citizen of the state in 2019. Photo: fancyinfrisco, erubes1.
Although sparsely populated, Vermont attracts tourists by its scenic natural beauty. Fall is the best time to visit Vermont. From the end of September, the forests changed their clothes simultaneously, covered with beautiful red and yellow colors. Surrounding the forest are flat lakes, the pathway is full of poetic. Photo: philmottram.
One of the first destinations visitors cannot miss when visiting Vermont is the city of Montpelier. It is the capital of the state of Vermont. Autumn in Montpelier is very short, visitors should visit the city from late September and early October to see the trees covered red the houses colorful. Photo: montpelieralive.
Norwich is the most beautiful and livable town in the state of Vermont. Locals love and take pride in the beauty of the town they live in. Norwich's population is about 3,500 people. Montshire Museum is the town's most popular destination with more than 100 works both indoors and outdoors. All services such as education, health care, transportation here are guaranteed for residents to have a quality life. Photo: shutterstock.
Burlington is Vermont's most populous city. Burlington is famous for historical works such as Follett House, the old Howard Opera and Grasse Mount. It is also a beautiful autumn viewing spot in Vermont. The trees along the roadside or coniferous forests all change in yellow and red clothes at the time of autumn. Photo: whitewaterimagery.
Farms with silky green lawns, hidden in the forest of red leaves are also an interesting choice when visitors visit Vermont, experience the peaceful countryside life. One of the beautiful farms in Vermont has to mention Sleepy Hollow. From downtown Montpelier, visitors take about 45 minutes to move to this farm. Photo: nottherealtraceydelaney.

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