The Belgian Christmas meal

Christmas is considered a special holiday of the year, in addition to chocolate, people in this country often enjoy Spicy Speculoss, Yule Log, and Turkey.

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Every Christmas, speculoos biscuit, and warming dishes like hot chocolate and waffles are popular in Belgium.

Yulelog Cake

Yule Log Cake can be considered as a work of art with fine lines on chocolate. The cake will be made to be as similar to the pine wooden log as possible. The cake also has creams with different flavors for visitors to enjoy.
Yulelog pastries are decorated similar to Christmas trees. Photo: Simon Law.

Spicy speculoss

Seculoos biscuits are associated with the image of St. Nicholas, who is known as the second Santa Claus of Belgium and the Netherlands. Traditionally, on the feast of Saint Nicholas every year, children will receive biscuits and tangerines. The main ingredients are butter, brown sugar, a mixture of herbs including cinnamon, anise, nutmeg, ginger and a number of other herbs.


Belgian Christmas Eve is quite similar to American Thanksgiving. The biggest difference is gifts. Also, roast turkey is one of the main dishes. Although not as big and meaty as Western American chicken, Belgian often grilled or roasted to make the dish attractive. The side dishes are mostly mashed potatoes or pommes duches, made with potatoes and chicken egg yolks. In addition, in the traditional Belgian Christmas meal, there are often fish fillets, snails and shellfish.
Belgian Roast Turkey. Photo: Pixabay / Meditations.
In addition to food, when traveling to Belgium in the winter you will visit tourist attractions such as the city of Brussels, the city of Bruges or visit the university town of Leuven and take part in ski activities.

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