The cemetery of the rich and powerful in New York

Described as a luxury resort, the Green-Wood Cemetery in New York is one of the most beautiful and prominent burial places in the United States.

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Located deep in Brooklyn, New York City, USA, Green-Wood Cemetery is a famous burial place for wealthy and powerful families. The nearly 2 square kilometer site, built in 1838, is a prime example of a rural cemetery movement. Green-Wood looks more like a beautiful city park than a graveyard.
In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Green-Wood was the final resting place for the elite and wealthy people of New York City in many areas such as business, arts, industry, and politics.
Some notable names buried here are the founder of FAO toy store Schwarz, piano maker Henry Steinway, business tycoons Charles Pfizer and William Colgate, famous artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. , composer Leonard Bernstein ...
The entrance to the Green-Wood cemetery is at the edge of Park Slope with gates designed in Gothic style during the Renaissance. The cemetery occupies hundreds of acres of hills, valleys, ponds, chapels and catacombs.
In the 1800s, the cemetery was the leading tourist attraction in the United States. An article from the New York Times from 1866 states that this is the final dream resting place for people living on Fifth Avenue, the symbolic street for wealth in New York. The land here today is starting to run out of space to build new graves.
Green-Wood has 4 ponds. In it, Sylvan Waters is the largest pond, surrounded by the great catacombs of the most famous and wealthy people. Some burial sites were designed like kings' tombs, such as that of composer Albert Ross Parsons, who wrote the book "New Light from the Great Pyramid" in 1893. The tomb of him also has symbols of Christianity and Egypt.
Many graves have statues of dogs or lions in front of them to "protect" their owners. In addition, it also features a hill-top building in Green-Wood including a 5-storey waterfall, 2 pyramid-shaped skylights and a pool. The top of the building offers some panoramic views of the cemetery.

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