Thursday, October 17, 2019

The child urinated into the water bottle at the airplane seat

When the child urinated into the empty bottle, the whole cabin "stinked like a toilet".

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On a flight from Dunedin City to Auckland last week, a family changed dirty diapers for a 4-year-old child right on the plane seat. When the flight attendant reminded and said the family could do it in the toilet, they ignored it. A witness said later the grandmother of the child let him stand on the plane seat and urinate into an empty water bottle instead of going to the toilet. Worse, these passengers tucked the paper towels they used to wipe the urine bottles into the front seat bag.
a flight from Dunedin City to Auckland
Many have criticized the act of urinating at the passenger seat of a pair of travelers. Photo: One Mile At A Time.
"The whole cabin smells like a toilet," one passenger shared. Although many people complained about the incident, the airline said it could not compensate for this case.

A spokesman for the airline sent an apology on October 14 to the passengers for their experience on the flight. "For the hygiene and comfort of every customer, we encourage families traveling with children and infants to use the diaper changing device in the toilet on the A320. In the toilets have dustbin to throw dirty diapers ".

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