The cities with less air pollution in the world

Rekyjavík, Iceland
Hanoi has recently faced serious air pollution. The following cities will be a positive sign in improving air quality.

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Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide, Australia: Mercer Global Financial considers it one of the cleanest cities in the world. The city implements a "green city" program such as planting 3 million trees, a solar power project, promoting the use of public transport and methods to cope with climate change. As a result, this place has become the most livable city in the world. Photo: Shutterstock.
Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany: This is a world leader in the use of green energy. The city of Hamburg is a clear testament to the effectiveness of these national strategies. Germany is also implementing a national campaign to reduce harmful emissions with a goal of reducing 40% by 2020. Photo: Borisov
Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, Finland: The IQ Air report lists the Finnish capital as one of the least polluted cities in the world. The city government strives to bring Helsinki green space and develop its public transport system. 36% of the land area is for parks with more than 40 biosphere reserves on an 890 ha area. Finland is also actively protecting the coast from the risk of rising sea and melting ice from the poles. Photo: Subodh.
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: According to the American Lung Association, Hawaii has the cleanest air in the United States. The Honolulu government is committed to using clean and sustainable energy in the city's infrastructure system. Many environmental development projects, including H-Power, which aims to convert 2,000 tons of waste into electrical energy, provide more than 40,000 households, and Pearl Citybus projects using solar energy to cut energy costs. Photo: Fiona lin.
Rekyjavík, Iceland
Rekyjavík, Iceland: This is one of the five freshest cities that tourists should visit. By using alternative energy, people and tourists can enjoy the natural resources and pristine living conditions. Geothermal energy - a clean source of electricity, accounts for about 90% of the city's electricity consumption and heating. Photo: Boyloso.
Wellington, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand: According to the IQ Air report, Wellington has the cleanest air among all the world capitals on this list. With a relatively small population and isolated geographic location, New Zealand's capital has a cleaner air. Thanks to the extended cable-car route, Wellington has cut air pollution from car congestion. Besides, local people take pride in preserving the freshness of the city. Photo: Shutterstock.
Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland: Zurich is a clean city thanks to strict waste management. People in the city mainly use bicycles or public transport such as trains, buses and subways. The city also offers residents an application to help track and manage waste and recycling. Photo: Shutterstock.
Calgary, Canada
Calgary, Canada: This is one of the cleanest cities in the world thanks to the appropriate waste treatment. Residents and tourists can also be fined for acts of littering, throwing cigarettes or throwing garbage through car windows. The government also proposes financial support for the green lifestyle of people such as using organic products, limiting waste from lunch wrap. Photo: Andrew zarivny.

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