The deadly automobile segment still runs uphill in India

When parked at the marked point in the magnet hill (India), you will experience the phenomenon of the car even turning off the machine but still moving up the strange slope with a speed of about 15-20 km / h.

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Traveling about 30 km along the Leh-Kargil highway from the town of Leh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, northern India, you will come to the famous road by the phenomenon despite the strange gravity. Endowed with nature's natural beauty and mysterious magnetism, the road is a place where visitors stop to experience the phenomenon of cars moving uphill without the need for human impact. Photo: Makemytrip.
Coming here, you will admire the breathtaking scenery at an altitude of more than 4,267 m with a straight path between the picturesque hills and the romantic Sindhu river. Many hypotheses with different scientific explanations for antigravity have been put forward to prevent superstitious speculations that this is the straight path to heaven. Photo: Pinterest.
Locals believe that there used to be a road to heaven. Accordingly, those who deserve will come across the path. On the contrary, unworthy people will never get there. The strange phenomenon on Leh-Kargil highway has been experienced and endorsed by many visitors from around the world. Photo: Pinterest.
The infamous hill forced Indian air force planes to change direction to avoid being affected by magnetism. Magnetic force is a reasonable and convincing explanation. This hypothesis suggests that there is a strong magnetic force emanating from the hill, pulling vehicles within a certain range. Photo: Weather.
Optical illusions are also a widely accepted theory. Accordingly, this phenomenon is not derived from magnetic resources but an only optical illusion, making the slope leading to the magnet hill looks like a mountain. So you see the car going uphill but in fact, it's going downhill. Photo: Inditrip.
A few meters from the road, a yellow sign is marked, from here, cars will start to move at a speed of nearly 20 km / h. Some curious visitors have recorded the experience video here. The best time to visit the Ladakh magnetic hill is from July to September. Photo: Eligast.

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