The Doraemon village is beautiful like a fairy in Japan autumn

Not only famous for the snowy white paradise in winter, but the ancient village of Shirakawago also attracts tourists in the fall because of the colorful nature of the red and yellow leaves forests.

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The ancient village of Shirakawago (Gifu, Japan) is famous for its snow-covered fairy tale scene in winter. Not only attract tourists during the snowing season, but the yellow leaves autumn in Shirakawago also make people flutter with dreamy scenery. The unique feature of the old village is the peaceful hundred-year-old houses on the side of the forest where the leaves change color. Photo: tszmeili.
Shirakawago Village is located at the foot of Mount Hakusan, Gifu Province, Central Japan. The village is special because of its rows of wooden houses, gassho-zukuri architecture, the sloping roof of thatched grass resembling praying hands. The roof is designed to resist the harsh snow-covered winter in Shirakawago. tszmeili.
In winter, Shirakawago is immersed in brown and white, the village looks multicolored when it comes to autumn. Green, yellow and red foliage intertwined by rice fields, old brown leaf houses appear, creating beautiful scenery like a fairyland in fairy tales. Photo: tszmeili.
If you want to watch the beauty of Shirakawago village, visitors should come here in the fall. When the snow is not covered, the old houses appear clearly, the clear blue lake is in shadow of the foliage of red leaves, the path is covered with fallen leaves. Besides the surrounding majestic nature, the village's history also attracts tourists. Although the village was founded about 300 years ago, the houses are still preserved intact. Currently, the Shirakawago village has about 100 houses. In particular, more than 20 old wooden houses are carefully preserved, keeping the status quo as the first days. Photo: mescosenior,
The fairy village is also the place where the famous Japanese Doraemon cat "was born". Doraemon comic book series associated with the childhood of many generations for the first time were authored by Fujiko F. Fujio in this ancient village. Photo: pylaryx,
If you do not like the cold winter to the bone, you should visit Shirakawago in the fall to enjoy the peaceful beauty of the ancient land of Fushtang. From central Kyoto, visitors only take about 4 hours to move to Shirakawago village. Photo: anakjajan, lindyteee.

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