The fairy-like beauty of the most peaceful villages in France

The old houses close together on the cliff and overlooking the banks of the Lot River makes the village of Saint-cirq Lapopie a dream destination for all visitors.

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The "capital of light" Paris is a place where everyone has to come at least once in their life, but that is only the starting point of an ideal trip to France. One of the common mistakes you can make is to limit your journey to discover a country in its capital without paying attention to other potential destinations. The following villages may cause you to rearrange the entire plan to visit this magnificent European country.

1. Eguisheim, Alsace

Eguisheim, a stop on the Alsace wine road, is the perfect choice for anyone who is easy to please in the enchanting natural surroundings. The village has all the glamor you would expect in rural France: narrow roads between two rows of wooden framed houses; gracefully hung on the wall by the vines; shops selling meat, cheese, local goods; and thousands of years of history are preserved in scattered historical sites.
The design of many wooden frames makes the village look very classic. Photo: Traveliero
In 2013, Eguisheim was voted the most favorite French village by the French people, so you will definitely not regret coming this from far. About 500 km from Paris, visitors can choose to travel by train, plane, self-driving car or bus.

2. Saint-cirq Lapopie, Lot

Located in the southwestern Lot province of France, the village of Saint-cirq Lapopie surprises every visitor upon arrival. The classical architecture houses line up on a cliff, facing the Lot River. The unique location, calm atmosphere and rich history from the Middle Ages make the village extremely attractive.
The unique location of the village. Photo: Shutterstock
If you like hiking, you can visit Saint-cirq Lapopie as a stop on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route through France. Take enough time to explore the interesting nooks and crannies in the village, fully capturing the sight of the beauty of the peaceful Lot River. The end of the journey is the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain.

3. Kerhinet, Loire-Atlantique

A thatched roof will not be attractive, but a village made up of many thatched-roof houses and the strict ban on cars is easy to admire. That's exactly what you will find in Kerhinet, a lovely village like an open-air museum in the Loire Valley, Loire-Atlantique Province.
Kerhinet Village has only 18 houses. Photo: Shutterstock
Although extremely modest area with a total of 18 houses built of stone, thatched roofs, Kerhinet has remained a popular tourist destination for many years. Chaumiere des Saveurs et Artisanat (Flavor and Craft House) is where craftspeople sell everything to tourists, from artworks, jewelry to locally harvested salt, cider and crafts. If visiting here in the summer, don't forget to sample the specialties at the weekly Thursday fair.

4. Assignan, Hérault

If there is anywhere in France that gets the media's attention as much as Paris, it must be a place in the south. Cannes and Saint-Tropez are always the most popular, but the entire southern coast area with natural beauty, historical value, rich cuisine, and famous wines is also worth a position in your schedule. Assignan village is no exception and it has gradually become a destination for foodies.
Assignan village. Photo: Dis-Leur
You will have the opportunity to see firsthand the vineyards spread across the countryside, the winding dirt roads suitable for cycling tours. Wine tasting is definitely an experience not to be missed. You can go to traditional pubs and local restaurants to enjoy unique recipes while sipping some of the best wines in France.

5. Noyers sur Serein, Bourgogne

Noyers sur Serein is a medieval architecture cluster with wooden framed houses and cobblestone streets. The village hosts the famous truffle mushroom fairs in November, where other delicacies of local origin also attract visitors from around the country.
Beauty tinged with time. Photo: Shutterstock
Located on the banks of the Serein River, not far from the capital of white wine Chablis, the central area of the village has existed since the 15th century and until now remains almost intact. Therefore, when you wander the village road, you will feel like you are making a journey back in time. Noyers sur Serein owns more than 50 historical sites and some famous landmarks such as Fontenay Monastery which is also located just outside the village.

6. Estaing, Aveyron

The village of Estaing in Aveyron province is as beautiful as walked out from a fairy tale. Gothic fortresses and rolling hills may be what appears on the postcard you see often. One day in Estaing, you can leisurely enjoy life by walking on the stone bridge and admiring the scenery of the dream castle, or organizing an impromptu riverside picnic.
Estaing village in the bright sunshine. Photo: Shutterstock
The iconic stone bridge with wrought iron details was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 because of its historical value (as part of the Santiago de Compostela route). Other noteworthy places in Estaing include the 15th-century castle overlooking the entire village, Renaissance-style houses and Saint-Fleuret Church, home to impressive stone sculptures and fine glass paintings.

7. Rochefort-en-Terre, Brittany

Geranium flowers adorn the village. Photo: Shutterstock
The village in northwestern France is one of the most famous places in Bretagne. Its beauty is undeniable, including granite houses covered with geraniums. Many other flowers also bloom from every corner, so the whole village is always like blooming and full of life. In addition to the Château de Rochefort-en-Terre castle, you can also wander in the central square, visit the Notre-Dame-de-la-Tronchaye Cathedral from the 16th century and the Naia Museum - which displays more than 200 Modern artworks.

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