The family of 3 was evicted from the plane because the son did not have shoes

A woman and her two children were evicted from a flight in New Zealand because their young son did not wear shoes.

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The New Zealand Herald reported that, at about 4 pm on October 23 at Queenstown Airport (New Zealand), Jestar airline staff refused the family of 3 members (the mother and 2 children) to board the plane for their son without shoes. Although other passengers gave a pair of shoes to the boy.

However, Jetstar said passengers who took the shoes quickly recovered after knowing the child would have to wear the shoes during the flight and leave the plane.
Jestar's flight from Queenstown to Auckland (New Zealand) on 23/10 afternoon refused to transport the family of 3 because the son did not have shoes.(Photo of Illustration).
The passengers witnessed the incident in shock and were very angry with the airline staff. People started gathering around, the older couple said, "We're going to buy the boy a pair of shoes" because the mother had no money.

The airline staff continued to refuse for this family and instead requested to unload their luggage from the plane. The incident caused delays and disruptions for many other passengers waiting at Queenstown Airport.

Mebus, a witness, said she saw her mother crying and walking out the airport gate. Mebus could not understand why the Jetstar staff was so stubborn: "First, it was a boy and the other passengers who offered to carry him. The child was only about 3-4 years old. The staff did not try to solve it. , they only turn away from the poor woman after paying for her flight. "

An airline spokesman confirmed that the family of three could not board the flight yesterday because the son had no shoes. He said ground staff tried to organize the flight for 21 minutes.

A passenger had lent his shoes (but too big for the baby's feet), however, later retracted the offer because she would have to wait for them until the plane landed.

Jetstar's terms and conditions stipulate that they have the right to refuse a passenger if he or she does not wear shoes.

The spokesperson said the family spent one night in Queenstown with relatives before boarding another flight to Auckland (New Zealand) this morning, at the airline's expense.

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