The famous landscape of Quang country: Attractive Hon Kem Da Dung

Nearly 100km from Da Nang city, Hon Kem Da Dung located in the territory of Tra Linh Dong hamlet (Hiep Hoa commune, Hiep Duc commune, Quang Nam province) is a famous landscape that once went into folk songs of Quang people. With wild and majestic features, this place is also a destination for young people who love to check-in and explore.

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If you choose to go by road, you can enjoy the fresh air under the cool forest trees.
It is this place that has attracted many tourists when coming here once. The gentle, poetic nature of heaven and earth is a great plus point of Hon Kem Da Dung.
Or there are extremely cool check-in photos, and that beautiful curtain is the immense rubber forest.
Hon Kem Da Dung is located in the upper of the Thu Bon River, about 100km from Da Nang, where nature and sky meet and close.

There are two ways to reach Hon Kem Da Dung, first, you follow the national route 610 connecting from My Son temple complex to Nong Son district, then to Trung Phuoc and another 2 hours by canoe is to the foot of Hon Kem Da Dung.

Traveling by river, visitors can stop by Dai Binh eco-tourism village to enjoy its juicy fruits.
You can also move in the direction from Ha Lam crossroads (Thang Binh district) to Tan An town (Hiep Duc district), go about an hour more along the concrete road to Hiep Hoa commune and then to Hon Kem Da Dung.

Another way is from Hoi An, you can go by boat upstream Thu Bon, just go while watching scenery on both sides that it takes about half a day to arrive.
Hon Kem Da Dung is a majestic, poetic landscape that makes visitors admire, feel smaller before the vast sky and nature.
Hon Kem Da Dung is a beautiful and famous landscape of Quang. Once upon a time, this was a magnificent rocky mountain range like a city wall reflecting down the Thu Bon River.

Over time, this mountain has been split into two cliffs higher than 500m on both sides of the upper reaches of the Thu Bon River. Two steep cliffs, with strange shapes, protruding, blocking the flow of the river, creating a poetic and lyrical landscape, like a wonderful picture of nature.
You can also see Hon Kem from a newly constructed concrete bridge connecting the two villages of Tra Linh Dong - Tra Linh Tay, instead of the previously degraded suspension bridge.
If you go up the Thu river by canoe, you will feel the hardships of earn living on the mother river, which is also the pride of the people of Quang.

Surfing on the Thu Bon stream in the green, immense, immersed in the scenery of the village, or the majestic mountains far and far, makes us immersed in a peaceful, poetic world, dispel the weariness, noisy of city life.
The Thu Bon stream flows from upstream, sometimes calm, sometimes bumpy by rocks.
On the towering cliffs of Hon Kem Da Dung, there are still ancient inscriptions thought to be of ancient Chiem Thanh people.

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