Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The female tourist was fined for wearing 'micro' bikini

Despite being reminded by the hotel owner to dress too revealing, not suitable when in Boracay, the girl still decided to wear a super bikini to the beach.

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A Taiwanese tourist catches attention as going with her boyfriend on the beach of Boracay island. She wore a two-piece bikini, with unshielded swimwear tight enough. Many people and tourists took photos of this girl and shared it online.

Police then traced the whereabouts of female tourists and taken to the station on October 10. She was fined 50 USD for "sexual behavior". The owner of the hotel where the couple rented their room said they had reminded her that she was too revealing in a bikini. However, this tourist ignored the warning and continued wearing the same swimsuit the next day.
The female tourist was fined for wearing 'micro' bikini
The female tourist was fined by the police for wearing a swimsuit too small. Photo: Facebook.
The female visitor said this bikini model is normal in Taiwan, and she is completely comfortable to expose the body. However, the Boracay authorities did not accept this explanation.

Jess Baylon, a local police officer, said the women's bikini pants "were literally a rope". "Perhaps she treasures the beauty of her body and the island, but in our traditional culture, it is unacceptable," Baylon said.

The police insisted that visitors need to respect the culture and traditions when visiting the Philippines. The couple left the Philippines on October 11 after paying a fine.

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