The first pub in London was allowed to welcome naked guests

Visitors to the ancient pub in Soho can comfortably take off their clothes, sip a drink served by nude waiters.

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Located in the bustling Soho district of London (England), Coach & Horses is one of the oldest pubs in the land of fog. This address has just become the first pub in London allowed to welcome naked guests.

When social media spread the news that Coach & Horses became a legal nude pub, owner Alastair Choat was busy with constant calls from customers around the world.
The fact that the old pub became a safe space for lovers of nudism was considered an exciting step. Photo: CNN.
Previously, this exchange has been dubbed the "pub with the most rude boss in the capital," with the executive is Norman Balon. Since 2006, Alastair has taken over the shop and built a reputation for this place with her daughter Hollie.

The owner must look for waiters who are willing to serve customers in a state of no body cover and comfortable with this.

"To be honest, you are only afraid to be naked for the first 10-20 minutes. After that, you will not mind, because you realize that everyone is similar to you and no one notices you. If everyone is naked, the scene would be very happy, "Alastair said.
Currently, the shop does not display any nude photos. Inside the restaurant are still wooden items to create a cozy feeling.
Alastair is planning to organize a night for naked guests in June. The owner has not announced the exact date because there are still many stages to be completed and wants all activities to be well prepared. He hopes to have a vibrant June night party with nature-loving guests.

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