The half laughing and half crying situations when flying

Passengers on the plane sometimes meet with stories of tears laughing. Some guests are so careful that they print their faces on suitcases to avoid theft.

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Going to the airport before departure time is essential to resolve the procedures and avoid possible trouble on the road. However, many people have a habit of worrying too far and arriving 3-4 hours before flying. This makes guests tired of waiting too long at the airport.
"The girl standing in front of me at the security gate was carrying a bottle of ice water. The staff said she had to discard the water bottle. That woman insisted that it was not liquid," Bored Panda shared the funny story. Many users are also interested in this topic. Roxana Ciobotea's account said she had witnessed a woman successfully carrying liquid through the security door because confirming it was holy water.
This man is so careful that his face is always printed on the suitcase. "I bet no thief would be foolish to bump into such a striking suitcase," commented Dale's account.
The photo of the "hack" method of deposit balance has been widely shared on social networks. Many users claim that the guest in the photo is merely lucky. Most airlines require passengers to put all their checked baggage on the scale.
The coincidence between the background and the blue board made for a funny picture. Most people guess this is the time when the girl who welcomes her lover returns from the army because the words "We have waited 458 days for this moment". However, if according to the context in the picture, many people can understand the couple has waited 458 days to get luggage.
"I have not felt any better when I was on a plane than the door was closed and there was no one seating on either side," Dylan's account commented on the photo. The fact that you can "buy 1 get 3 seats" is what happens when the flight is not sold out or other passengers are late. Basically, you are free to use empty seats but need to avoid impolite and offensive actions.
The feeling of walking through the security gate made many people afraid. The fact that passengers have been found banned substance in luggage without using that has a precedent but quite rare. To avoid any risk, you should absolutely not carry anything for help at the airport and should carefully check the luggage before closing.
"These were the faces of the passengers when a baby boarded the plane," the Bored Panda newspaper commented. Many internet users also call traveling with children a nightmare. They often yell and play, making passengers uncomfortable.
One passenger was tricked when he thought the airline provided an additional charging outlet in front of the seat. However, this is just a sticker from a previous guest.

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