The house where Beethoven was born

The house where Beethoven was born
The house in the heart of the ancient city of Bonn is where the famous composer Beethoven once lived.

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Ludwig van Beethoven was born in 1770 in the small house No. 20, Bonngasse Street, Bonn, not far from the Rhein River. This is also the place to witness the maturity, playing music and the process of composing many of his works.

The house built in the 18th century today is called the Beethoven Museum in Bonn (Beethoven-Haus Bonn in German). It was a nice small wooden house, outside alternating with red and blue, inside there were more than a dozen function rooms. The baroque stone façade of the house was built on cellars dating back to the 12th or 13th century. The ground floor has a kitchen and a utility room. The bedroom is in the attic.
The house where Beethoven was born
Outside the house of the old Beethoven. Photo: ShutterStock / VV Shots.
Since the middle of the 19th century, the house at Bonngasse 20 has experienced many changes. After the main door was greatly enlarged in 1836, a restaurant called "Beethoven's Geburtshaus" (Beethoven's Birthplace) opened on the ground floor in 1873. In 1888, a merchant took over the house but resold in 1889.

The Bonn city government was not interested in buying the house, so in 1889, the Beethoven-Haus Society was established with the purpose of buying and turning the house into a memorial hall for the composer. Most of the building is still retained as before. The galleries in the Beethoven's house are arranged in numerical order from 1 to 12.

It now contains more than 150 documents, original texts related to the entire life of his writing, including when he lived in Bonn and Vienna. The museum was opened on May 10, 1893 during the second Chamber Music Festival.
The house where Beethoven was born
The house next to house number 20 was restored as a container for composers related materials. Photo: ShutterStock / saiko3p.
In addition to continuous renovations, a major restoration was carried out in the mid-1930s, including the house next to "Im Mohren", where the Beethoven Archive was located. In the late 1960s, the house underwent the second and third major renovations that took place between 1994 and 1996. Today, the museum is spread over both houses.

The house displays many souvenirs attached to the composer Beethoven, such as his compilation discs, autographs, musical instruments, figurines, images of him.
The house where Beethoven was born
Musical instrument display space. Photo:
Beethoven Haus is easily accessible by road from the main station. If taking the tram or bus, it will stop at the nearby Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz station. If traveling by car, you can park in the city car parks such as: Stiftsgarage, Marktgarage and Friedensplatzgarage.

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