The house where Hitler was born

The house where Hitler was born
Braunau am In, a town close to the German border is where the Hitler home was born - the work is part of the demolition plan.

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Not far from the main square is the Salzburger Vorstadt street of Braunau am Inn, on the south bank of the Inn River. On this street is a faint three-story beige brick building, where Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889.
The house where Hitler was born
This is the 15th building on the street. Photo: Amusing Planet.
Hitler stayed only a few weeks before the family moved to another house in Braunau. When he was 3 years old, the Hitler family left this town forever. Later, Hitler only returned to Braunau and lived briefly in 1938.

The 17th-century building was later an inn and changed owners. After Hitler became the head of Nazi Germany, its value quadrupled. After that, the house was acquired by the Nazis, renovated and turned into a cultural center with a gallery, a public library. World War II ended, the house was returned to its former owner and by 1965 it was used as a public library.

Throughout the years, the place attracts many visitors. The Austrian Interior Ministry is concerned about the possibility of a new fascist uprising. Therefore, in 1972, they rented the building to prevent Hitler's supporters from visiting or acquiring. The contract ended in 2011 because the Pommer descendants refused to renovate something by agreement. From there, the house was abandoned.
The house where Hitler was born
Braunau am Inn town. Photo: Tourismus-braunau.
The house does not have a number plate, but there is a large granite boulder located near the sidewalk. On the stone were engraved: "For peace, freedom and democracy, there is never a fascist regime anymore. Millions of people have died." This stone replaced the monument, and was brought from a famous quarry at the Mauthausen concentration camp (called the death camp, built by the Nazis).

Currently, the owner of the house Gerlinde Pommer sues the Austrian government for appropriating property and demanding compensation. Earlier this year, the local court ruled that the government must pay Pommer 1.5 million euros, instead of 310,000 euros as originally suggested.

In recent years, many people know of the plan to demolish the building. However, at present, the house still remains, as reminding people about a dark period. "Everyone is fed up," Braunaun's second deputy mayor, Christian Schilcher told the BBC. According to him, this house is a problem for Braunau's image. People wanted this small town to be visited by tourists, and no one expected them to be Hitler's descendants.

Brief information:

Braunau am Inn is a town in the Innviertel Oberösterreich (Oberösterreich), northwestern Austria. This place has many bridges spanning the Inn River.

From Vienna, you can catch the Wels-Neumarkt Kallham-Braunau train. If you depart from Salzburg, you can catch the train of Attnang Puchheim-Ried / Innkreis-Braunau; Steindorf near Straßwalchen-Braunau ... Standard fare is 12.9 euros per person per way.

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