Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The impressive entertainment venues but few people know in Singapore

Today, Singapore is known as a popular destination for tourists, it is famous for its bars, business centers, skyscrapers, and impressive architectural works... Besides the places that are too familiar with tourists in Singapore, there are also many fun and entertainment places that are very little known.

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Hawer Center culinary neighborhood

As a country with a diverse culture, Singapore is famous for a lot of delicious food, famous all over the world. When it comes to Singaporean cuisine, many people will think of luxurious restaurants and famous eateries that have existed for a long time. However, few people know in Singapore has an extremely attractive eating place where visitors can enjoy delicious food at affordable prices.

Hawer Center is a culinary neighborhood located in Chinatown, because it is quite deep in the town, so very few people know this eating paradise. This is a typical area for Singaporean cuisine, where you can encounter most of the national dishes of the lion island: Singapore frog porridge, crab with chilli sauce, Hainanese chicken rice, fried rice noodles, pork porridge ...

The food at the Hawer Center is sourced from many parts of the world, including Chinese, Indian and Western dishes.

The bar on the top floor of One Raffles Place

Few people know that on the top floor of One Raffles Place, there is an ideal bar for those who love the nightlife. 1-Altitude is a special place with exciting leisure activities. Here guests can have relaxing and comfortable moments with friends, relatives, sip a few cocktails and enjoy a few snacks.

Because it is located from above, 1-Altitude is an ideal place for visitors to see the entire lion island when night falls. The electric lights from the buildings, the vehicles on the street, the bustling night markets ... all are in your view when you stand on the top floor of One Raffles Place.

You can also easily search for European restaurants with delicious food for less than S $ 100 at the bars here.

Ubin Island

Ubin Island is probably the rare island in Singapore that still retains its pristine beauty and tranquility in a time of rapid urbanization today. Because of its isolation from other regions, Ubin is a quite strange land for domestic and international tourists.

The island has a diverse and rich ecosystem with national conservation parks, ancient objects and exotic wild beauty. People living on Ubin Island still live mainly on agriculture, despite the development of other lands, Ubin's life is calm with a clean climate and slow-moving activities.

There are many opinions that Ubin Island is the history of Singapore. Coming to Ubin you will feel about Singapore about 30 to 40 years ago. This place is very suitable for you to rest and relax after stressful and tired working days.
Above are some lesser known locations in Singapore. Each location has a different beauty that will surely bring you wonderful moments.

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