The intimacy of a cold city

London - The pride of England, the proud and ancient capital is one of the dream cities that everyone wants to visit once in their lifetime. It was a vanity dream of youth that certainly you have pursued.

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There is a lot to say about London, from the ancient architecture bearing European culture, the famous football clubs in the world, the classic literary works capturing the hearts of readers. Prestigious universities to the queen and royal family of England - the pride of an entire nation. Going deeper into learning about London - the city that Ran Mori chose to confess to Shinichi Kudo (the two main characters of the popular Japanese comic series - Detective Conan), people will feel more deeply about the capital of the misty country, it is not really a city dressed in a cold coat but very friendly and close.
Traveling London to discover the modern, lavish and ancient places of Europe. Besides, you can also watch classic matches of the English Premier League, the Wimbledon or simply walk around the peaceful Thames, winding around the capital. In addition, you will also enjoy delicious food, which is also a very interesting experience for the trip.
Once you have chosen the UK, namely London as your destination, you need to plan a very detailed itinerary. 

Landscape, architecture, environment

Referring to London certainly can not fail to mention some famous structures such as Big Ben Clock Tower, Buckingham Palace, London Tower Bridge, Wembley Stadium, Harry Potter Studio, the house on Baker Street of detective Sherlock Holmes ... These are definitely the must-visit destinations when coming to London.
If you are a fan of the Harry Potter movie series, you can go to London's Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter to experience the feeling of becoming a witch. 
According to the records, the tourist season in London is spring and summer, because London summer is not too hot, but instead is a pleasant atmosphere, quite cool with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. In the spring, London is dressed in a green and colorful flower, especially the air, the weather is very fresh, cool and pleasant.

London tourist entry visa

Procedures, applications for tourist visas London, UK is not difficult, it is important that you have to prepare all the documents required by the Embassy and pass the visa interview round (if any)... If you have enough documents, you will be confident that you will have a ticket to enter London!

Hunt cheap air tickets

A small suggestion for you is to look for tickets from the world's largest airline, Emirates Airline. Depending on the time of the low or high season, you can easily hunt for super-saving tickets of Emirates Airlines.

Experience of hotel reservations when traveling to London

In London, it is full of hotels, motels, homestays ... from high-class to the most affordable. Depending on your budget, you can choose suitable accommodation.

In addition, if you first come to London, you should book rooms online in advance such as Agoda, ... to avoid the case of no accommodation or price pressures.

Experience of traveling, using public transport when traveling London

Buses, taxis, coaches, trains, subways, bicycles, motorbikes, etc. are the means you can use during the time of traveling, exploring London.

Naturally, the double-decker bus - the symbol of the city will certainly be one of the vehicles that you should top priority.

Experience of eating while traveling London

Fish And Chips and Baked Meat are two dishes you should definitely enjoy when traveling to London. In addition, you should not miss the opportunity to experience a unique afternoon tea culture, or taste delicious dishes such as Yorkshire pudding, Herring (Herring), Cottage pie, Beef Sandwich, Apple Pie, Brownie ...

According to London travel experience, self-catering, you should go to Brick Lane to enjoy London cuisine cheap. In addition, you should also enjoy London street food at the mobile eateries (trolleys).

The people of London

You will hear a lot of rumors about the arrogance of Londoners in particular and the UK in general, severe racism as well as aloof coldness. However, the story of the people who have visited London is the opposite, the people here are very hospitable and likable. It is also one of the precious cultural features of this city.

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