Monday, October 21, 2019

The longest nonstop flight in the world

Qantas recently tested a 19-hour nonstop flight from New York to Sydney, to test the impact on the crew and passengers.

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The Boeing 787-9 aircraft departed from New York, USA at 9:27 pm on October 18 (local time) with 49 people, including 4 pilots who took turns and 2 auxiliary pilots. Because Sydney time is 15 hours earlier than New York time, the airline must ask passengers to adjust the clock to the time of destination after stabilizing their seats.

To stay awake on schedule, passengers are allowed to do gentle exercise and yoga, drink caffeinated beverages and eat a spicy lunch instead of dinner as usual, to get used to the time of the destination. Six hours later, passengers were served high-carbohydrate food, avoiding the use of electronics and encouraging overnight sleep.

The flight has 6 volunteers. These people must keep a log of their sleep and diet menus for 2 weeks before the test flight. They also had to monitor their sleep for 2 weeks after the flight.

Taking the test flight, experts from the University of Sydney adjusted the cabin temperature, lighting mode, menu, stretching exercises and studied the impact of jet lag (fatigue after a long flight and time zone deviation). The data will be shared with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority to update legal requirements regarding super long flights.

The test flight, conducted by Qantas Airlines, landed in Sydney, Australia at 7.30 pm on October 20 (local time). The aircraft has traveled a distance of 16,200 km without refueling landing, without cargo in the lower compartment.

Next month, the airline plans to test a non-stop flight from London (UK) to Sydney. If favorable, the route will go into operation in 2022 or 2023. Last year, the Australian airline also launched the direct Perth - London route into operation, the journey lasted 17 hours.

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