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The most beautiful beaches in the world that visitors cannot ignore

In the world, there are countless beautiful beaches as you expect, whether they want to find a deserted or busy beach. Sunset, Bathsheba, Siasconset ... are among the most beautiful beaches in the world that visitors can hardly ignore.

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Blue Beach (La Chiva), Vieques, Puerto Rico

The beach with its long white sand strip and clear water makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. However, just only getting here is a problem: The only way to get to Blue Beach is to pass 21 small turns on the bumpy unpaved road between the National Wildlife Refuge on the west of the island (formerly a restricted area of the US Navy's military base).
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Here, visitors can snorkel around the small coral reefs or book a trip with the island manager to explore the secret diving spots.

Seagrass Bay, Laucala, Fiji

The private island is just over 10km2 in size, beautiful as paradise, 50 minutes from Nadi International Airport by charter flight and completely separated.

Covered by rainforests, Laucala is home to some of the rarest island birds and animals. In addition, there are pristine beaches and mesmerizing beautiful marine ecosystems.
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In Laucala, Seagrass Bay is one of the quietest beach resorts and is considered the perfect destination to live like Robinson Crusoe - although there is also a beautiful open dining room.

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Bathsheba Beach is a rugged, desolate and pristine beach.
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Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, USA

This is considered one of the most ideal places in the world to watch surfing in the winter (Sunset Beach is home to the leading surfing event Vans Triple Crown).
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In the summer, the sea is calm like a lake surface, making it a great place for snorkeling. After a day of scuba diving, sunbathing on the sand and surfing, visitors can linger to watch the brand's sunset on the beach.

Bananan Beach, Koh Hey Island (Coral), Phuket, Thailand

Banana Beach belongs to a national park and marine reserve 30 minutes from Chalong pier, Phuket, covered by a green forest and overlooking clear water. Coming here, visitors often take a boat, snorkel, kayak and parasail.
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With a minimum of facilities and a bamboo restaurant, Banana Beach is a deserted and great destination for tourists to relax in the sun.

Siasconset Beach, Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA

Siasconset is located on the western slope of Nantuket Island, you can get here from the center of the island by cycling about 10km along Milestone Road (or taking the NRTA bus in the summer).

Here, visitors can visit the ancient village of Sconset to enjoy food and find accommodation.
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In addition, at the northern end of the beach is a Sankaty Head Light lighthouse built in 1850 that is worth visiting (this place is rarely open for access). However, the most unique sight here is the Sconset Bluff Walkm, where one side is the Atlantic Ocean and the other is a hundred billion building block.

There is a small note when coming to Siasconset that the waves here are very strong even in the summer.

Honopu Beach, Kauai, USA

Also known as Cathedral Beach, Honopu is hard to come by. For tourists, the only way to come here is by sea. To come here, tourists have to swim from the boat parked offshore, or from the nearby Kalalau beach (about 400m). But you will find it worthwhile to swim here: before your eyes will be golden sand without a shadow of people and the blue cliffs stand up.
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The desolate landscape has been featured in popular films such as "Six Days and Seven Nights," "Indiana Jones" and "King Kong."

Temae Plage Publique, Moorea, French Polynesia

This beach is where the clear water can see the bottom and there are coral reefs - inhabited by thousands of marine species. This is a public beach located in the northeast of Moorea Island, but not crowded.

Coming to Temae Plage Publique, visitors can admire the sea view on the Moon and the magnificent Tahiti island.
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Besides, visitors can come here to surf, snorkel and sunbathe, however, be careful with wild roosters on the island.

Psarou Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Island has many beautiful beaches with different styles. Among them, Psarou is a wonderful beautiful beach and has a perfect arc-shaped coastline. Behind the beach, there are many restaurants and bars you can visit (however, it is advisable to book in advance during the peak tourist season).
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Here, visitors can also participate in a variety of water sports, relax on the couch or walk near Platis Gialos beach.

English Harbor Beach, Antigua, and Barbuda

Recognized as a world heritage site in 2016 and overlooking the vast Gieogi (Georgian) Renaissance warehouse complex of Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson, this beach, also known as Galleon Beach, is located next to lush hills and have a calming beauty.
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Coming here, visitors can enjoy the peaceful water and sail to Berkeley fortress, which was built by the Royal Navy in 1704.

Elafonísi, Crete, Greece

Elafonísi is a natural reserve located on the southwestern coast of Greece's largest island, one of the hidden gems of the Mediterranean Sea. Currently, in the peak season, tourists come here very crowded.
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However, if you come here in the fall and spring, you will probably be the only one to relax on the pink sand, watching the wildflowers (there are over a hundred rare plants, of which some the type only blooms in the winter) and the rocks have strange shapes.

Gouverneur, Saint-Barthélemy

Gouverneur, located at the end of a steep and deserted street east of Saint-Barthélemy, is a remote and untouched place. To reach this beach, visitors need to go through a small forest.

Here, visitors can park in a small and good parking lot belonging to a private area of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.
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The more west of Gouverneur, the more tourists will be sparse. Tourists come here occasionally to see wild goats and can try to find the treasure trail of the infamous French pirate Montbars the Exterminator.

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