The most beautiful spring views in Australia

Australian Spring begins in September, ends in November with beautiful natural surroundings.

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Here are the places that travelers should visit when traveling to Australia in the spring.


The most beautiful spring views in Australia
If you are a fan of the flower festival, after arriving in Floriade, the next stop should be Tulip Top Gardens, located on the outskirts of the city. Photo: ABC.
Canberra is Australia's capital, famous for its museums and beautiful nature. In addition to the annual Floriade Flower Festival in September, visitors can visit the Canberra Glass work art gallery or the Australian War Memorial Museum. For those passionate about cultural exploration, do not forget to schedule to participate in the play West Side Story which takes place on October 10-27, 2019 at the central theater.


Melbourne is a good place to visit at any time of the year. Spring is the time when the city becomes vibrant with many sporting events like horse racing, rugby. In addition, visitors can participate in the annual Tesselaar tulip festival every September and October.
The most beautiful spring views in Australia
The royal building is a tourist attraction in Melbourne. Photo Visit Victoria.

Whitsundays Island

Located in Queensland, Whitsundays Island is suitable for you to visit every season of the year, though spring is still the best time. See whales swimming through the Great Barrier Reef. October to May next year is the season of jellyfish on the island, so visitors should note when swimming to avoid being jellyfish stinging.

Coming to Whitsunsday Island this season you can also see whales moving through the Great Barrier Reef, one of UNESCO's natural wonders of the world. However, October - May is the island's jellyfish season, so be careful when you plan to swim to avoid jellyfish stinging.


Sydney is a tourist destination not to be missed when visiting Australia. In spring, the average temperature is 21 degrees Celsius, less rain and dry. One of the top destinations in the city is the scallop theater, Tanronga zoo and Bondi beach.

In addition to the above famous destinations, you can visit other tourist destinations such as Brisbane, Carns and Kangaroo Island.
The most beautiful spring views in Australia
The scallop theater is one of the sights not to be missed when visiting Sydney. Photo: Envato.

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