The most feared mountain pass in Vietnam: Winding 14 storeys high

Supposed the "four great mountain pass" is the most challenging to drivers, but recently, netizens are handing over a series of images of a pass known as the "14-storey slope" zig-zagged and most dangerous in Northeast region. The exact name of this terrifying pass is Me Pja, but locals also call it Me Pia.

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This pass, dubbed the "14-storey slope" is indeed one of the most majestic coordinates of the Northeast. - (Photo: Giap Van Hai)

Me Pia Pass is located on Highway 4A connecting Xuan Truong commune with the center of Bao Lac border district, Cao Bang province. With a length of up to 2.5 km, the 14 floors of the pass are 14 sharp bends, upright and fast elevation, with two sides of the same mountain.

According to the locals, this mountain pass dates back to the French period, formerly a horse-drawn trail about 40 cm wide and some even narrower. After being renovated and completed in 2011, the road surface of the pass widened by 5m including the curb.

Unlike other passes in Vietnam, you only need to reach the top to get a panoramic view of the grandeur of this 14-story mountain pass. To reach the highest point of the pass, you need to trekking through the forest along its ridge.

According to many experienced backpackers, on the top of the pass is a house selling water for customers to stop. From here, you can find directions to get to the panoramic viewpoint and take photos. Previously, the seller here directly led the group, recently because there are no people to watch the shop, she hired people to place a specific sign for tourists to visit.

The time to climb to the mountain's panoramic viewpoint is about 1 hour (both up and down). Therefore, you need to bring water and snacks. Absolutely not litter in the forest, in the way. If you see garbage, plastic bottles, you can pick up and bring it back to the bar. In addition, you can use the service to buy drinks, snacks, or lunch at the pub as a way of expressing thanks for the help of the people here.

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