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The most popular Korean fall viewing spots

Korea is always a great rendezvous every autumn, you will be immersed in the sweet, romantic picture. Because at that time, the maple leaves, the almond leaves turn yellow, red, and orange to create a wonderful sky. And here are the famous Korean autumn viewing spots that mesmerize visitors worth a visit.

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Nami Island

The most popular Korean fall viewing spots
Nami Island - this famous Korean tourist destination is so familiar to visitors. Nami always captivates those visiting at any time of the year. The island is more brilliant and brighter under the autumn sky when covered with red, orange leaves. This is an ideal Korean autumn viewing spot, in addition to the natural scenery, there are many fun activities.

Seoul Capital

The most popular Korean fall viewing spots
Every street, corner of Seoul when it comes to autumn also brings you wonderful emotions. Begin the journey to explore the Korean capital's fall in Namsan Seoul Tower - which offers spectacular autumn foliage views. Gyeongbokgung - The first and largest royal palace built during the Joseon Dynasty. Deposition in the space tinged with the history of Hanok Bukchon cultural village which is over 600 years old.

Or the picturesque Jeongdongril street is next to Deoksugung Palace. Stroll the street of Samcheongdong and admire Seoul's romantic golden autumn color adorned with rows of almond trees.

Asan Gingko tree road

The most popular Korean fall viewing spots
The perennial ginkgo trees planted along Asan Gingko Boulevard spread wide foliage hugging the road to its lap. With a length of 1.6km, the Asan Gingko tree road is an attractive fall leaf viewing spot in Korea, attracting a large number of visitors. The image of yellow leaves on the branches, swaying in the wind and falling even on the ground makes anyone at that time not help but flutter.

Seoraksan Mountain National Park

Seorak Mountain located inside Seoraksan National Park is one of the most beautiful mountains in Korea. It is famous for its vast panoramic views, clear springs, huge boulders, and rich flora. An adventure to Seoraksan National Park watching the Korean fall by cable car or on foot will give you a lot of special experiences. On top of Seorak Mountain is the Gwongeumseong fortress, whose stone walls are covered with red maple leaves, making the scenery even more appealing.

Naejangsan National Park

The most popular Korean fall viewing spots
No one can deny the charm of Naejangsan National Park when it comes to autumn. The road to Naejangsan looks colorful under the maple leaves in the changing season. Korean tourists also see Dodeokpokpo waterfall flowing like silk strips between mountains, Baekyangsa temple, Naejangsa temple sacred.
The most popular Korean fall viewing spots
Besides, there are about 760 types of local plants, natural monuments and many other wildlife species that reside. Naejangsan National Park is beautiful not only in the fall but also in the spring when azaleas and cherry blossoms bloom. In the summer when the mountains turn green and in the winter when the cliffs are covered with snow, wildflowers bloom all year round.

Juwangsan National Park

The most popular Korean fall viewing spots
Referring to the most popular Korean fall viewing spots, it is indispensable for Juwangsan National Park. It stands out with bizarre rocky peaks, deep valleys, majestic waterfalls, shady trails of gold leaf. The mountain route passing through Juwang valley always makes visitors ecstatic by the beautiful autumn forest scenery.
The most popular Korean fall viewing spots
Close to Juwangsan Mountain, there is Jusanji Lake, every early fall, the thin layer of mist hovered, the flat water silently illuminates everything that touches the hearts of those who visit.

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