Sunday, October 20, 2019

The most ugly actions when flying

Putting your feet on the front seat, throwing rubbish or lying down are actions that can make you unpolite in the eyes of the surrounding passengers.

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With flights lasting more than 2 hours, having to sit in a seat often makes visitors uncomfortable, especially with tall physique. To alleviate this, many people stretch their legs and rest on the seats of other passengers. This is considered an extremely indecent act and makes people around feel most frightened.
To create a "home-like" feel during a night flight, some passengers are willing to dress "cool" for easier sleep. This action often faces many uncomfortable looks from others. Whether you're sitting in the first-class cabin and enjoying far more privileges, you'll always need to be polite and respectful to those around you.
Even when not sitting behind anyone, the story of putting feet on the partition on the plane also makes you easily "stoned" with this offensive action.
With the thought of "have attendant to solve", some tourists are lazy and convenient to throw garbage into any place, not excluding the area providing food - drinking water. Remember that garbage bins are equipped in toilets on every plane. It only takes a few minutes for you to move and litter in the right place. If not, you can still ask the attendant to throw it.
On flights lasting several dozen hours, to ensure a good night's sleep, some travelers even bring pillows, mattresses and comfortably enjoy the feeling of being at home. In addition to causing discomfort to others, this action is quite dangerous, especially when the aircraft enters the area of disturbance and causes vibration.
Putting feet on the mobile dining table on the plane is also a very impolite gesture. Many travelers said they would not want to sit next to such passengers during the trip, and it even caused a loss of appetite when eating on the plane.
Not knowing how to use the toilet on the plane, passengers often mistakenly think of their operation as a toilet on the ground and insert toilet paper and flush water. This action may cause drain clogging and damage to the toilet. As a precaution, you should carefully read the instructions for use that are attached right next to the toilet or ask for more flight attendants before use.
If traveling with children, you should also pay attention to them so that they do not damage the airline's wealth. Due to hyperactivity, many babies often like to explore, learn everything and leave great traces on the plane. According to aviation regulations, you may have to pay compensation if these cases are listed as "vandalism".
Similar to putting feet on the arm of the front passenger seat, the act of stretching legs straight onto the opposite seat looks extremely offensive. The person sitting in the front will certainly collide with the foot and make them uncomfortable.
With their hair so long, female passengers often squeezed onto the seats as they leaned back. This has a significant impact on the people sitting behind, especially when they are watching TV mounted on the back of your chair.
To avoid boredom during long flights, some passengers also take advantage of yoga practice. Although it does not affect other passengers, this action still makes you ridiculous and makes the flight crew worried about the safety of the flight.
Finally, landing and leaving the plane in the mess will make the flight attendants extremely hard to clean. You may also be judged as uncivilized, unpolite when leaving such a mountain of garbage.

Aircraft are considered the most effective and safe means of travel. The cost of a ticket is not cheap if you do not buy successfully during promotions.

With the long flight time, many visitors who sit for a long time often feel constrained and uncomfortable. Some people often find ways to relieve their discomfort, such as fixing their posture, clearing their sleeping positions, etc. However, if they are not paying attention and being careful, these actions can become ugly by affecting others.

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