The mural street in Melbourne

Hosier Lane is located right near Flinders station in the city center, where every millimeter is covered with colorful graffiti.

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Melbourne (Australia) is the capital of Victoria and is the second-largest city in the country of kangaroo, just behind Sydney. This place is famous for street painting. It is not difficult to see in this city the colorful graffiti murals with very large sizes.
The wave of graffiti began to "land" in Melbourne in the 1970s and 1980s. Young people were passionate about painting on the walls with colored paint boxes. The picture appears from all the stations in the city to the suburbs, especially along the railway, the city train. Not only drawing in public works, but street artists also focus on drawing in a number of special areas, while creating art space for the public and avoiding affecting the general landscape of the city. 
To date, in Melbourne, there are more than 10 mural art neighborhoods, attracting a large number of tourists to visit and take pictures. The most famous of which is the Hosier Lane alley, right at Flinders Street station - the "heart" of the city. Just a few steps away, heading from the station through Federation Square, you can easily encounter the most famous street in this city.
Hosier Lane is essentially a short and steep road, with no traffic but only for tourists walking. A special feature is that the entire exterior of the apartments in the alley is covered with paint. The works are overlapping but still full of art and impression.
In order to attract tourists, people also open a street of restaurants, bars, clothing shops ... among the works of art that have to "strain the eyes", you can recognize them.
Visitors will feel like being lost in the cartoon world with giant characters, vivid on the walls. It is not difficult to find a true photo corner of Hosier Lane.
The murals here are not arbitrarily drawn but are calculated to create a harmonious and artistic combination instead of confusion and loss of aesthetics. Many street painters still create works on the wall every day, others open a painting service for 10-20 AUD / picture (equivalent to VND 160,000 - VND 320,000). Many people are very excited about this special gift after visiting Hosier Lane street art.
The street is open for free. Anyone can come here for taking commemorative photos, shopping or dining. Initially, street murals were not tightly regulated in Melbourne. After that, this type was banned completely because of losing beauty. Even those who paint murals illegally have been sentenced to imprisonment. However, the Victorian government is more open to street artists, planning certain areas for artists and graffiti enthusiasts to be creative.
Every millimeter at Hosier Lane is tinged with art, even the trash cans are painted "in color" with the wall color.
Or the iron cylinders on the road are no exception. Hosier Lane art space was chosen by the singer Ed Sheeran to organize a live show. Most Melbourne tourism promotional videos also mention this special address. In addition to Hosier Lane, when coming to Melbourne, you can visit other art neighborhoods such as AC / DC Lane, Meyers Place, Presgrave Place, Duckboard Place, Upper West Side Street Art Precinct, Croft Alley, Tattersalls Lane ...

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