The mystery behind Amsterdam red light district

The red light district in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is famous worldwide for the girls inside the glass window and the Red Light District Museum that will reveal the stories behind it.

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Every night, thousands of tourists follow the narrow road near the canal called Red Light District. They watched the girls showing off the hot curves behind the transparent glass adorned with dim light. Sex and prostitution in Amsterdam are public and legal.

In order to bring visitors a more realistic view of the world behind these mysterious glass cages, Amsterdam has opened the Red Light District Secret Museum.
The mystery behind Amsterdam red light district
Typical sexy images of the girls working at the red light district welcome visitors to the Secret Museum of the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Photo: AP
Melcher de Wind, the curator of the museum, said: "The Red light secrets museum of Prostitution" was created to introduce to those who didn't have the opportunity or courage to get deeper inside the workspace of prostitutes. The building is in a small old-style Amsterdam brothel - where the girls used to serve many playboys, making the atmosphere more "dense".

Entering the museum, visitors will pass through a narrow passage where girls created with 3-dimensional illusions are beckoning. Then what is often seen at red light district. A short video shows the people who work with the girls, such as janitors, cleaning up rooms, doing laundry or bringing food for them during breaks. What a professional process.

The girls rent a foothold in the glass window and work 11 hours a day, 6 days a week. They spend most of their time waiting for customers. In their free time, they go to hairdressing, nail and shopping shops.

Inside the red light district, there is also a kindergarten near the dim window. In the scene, a middle-aged prostitute in a red dress was visited by her young daughter during the afternoon break.

The museum is striving to provide a historical perspective on the endurance and patience of “self-owned business” women in Amsterdam since the 16th century when the city was the busiest harbor in the world. The sailors after a long journey went to the brothel to have fun with the girls. Then came the period of war with Napoleon, the prostitutes were the first to be coerced physical examinations to combat venereal disease spread among soldiers. The museum also focuses on introducing the "prostitutes" in the period from 2000 when prostitution was recognized as legal in the Netherlands.

Yolanda van Doeveren, manager of the social assistance program for female sex workers, said: "The district has made adjustments to the police force, social workers and public health monitoring staff, tax officials and human rights groups. A new girl who appears behind the glass will be monitored for working time, working-age and license. Recently, the legal age to practice has been increased from 18 to 21 ”.
The mystery behind Amsterdam red light district
Curiosity ... The actors in the role of tourists appeared from the perspective of the girls working inside. Photo: AP
The tour continues with a timetable sheet of who will work at what time of the day and which room and a list of customers with an appointment. Guests can also try the feeling of sitting in the chair behind the glass window adjacent to the outside walkway.

The next journey will take visitors to the "peeskamer" in Dutch which means "working room". Ilonka Stakelborough, one of the workers working in the trade union of prostitutes called "Geisha Institue", described the "standard 3x2 m room". The beds are usually low and ... strong. Nearby are a small sink and cupboard filled with lubricants, cleaning tools, condoms, and sex toys. There are no fragrances because they will get into men's clothes and will definitely trouble when he returns home.

Married men, young or old, look for girls whenever they can, some still take advantage of the early morning on their way to work. However, very few girls in this profession can earn the same amount as an average income person and often much worse.

A regular glass door costs 150 euros for half a day. If they charge 50 euros for 15 minutes of work, they can only bring themselves 150 euros after having 6 customers or 250 euros when there are 8 guests. 75% of these women come from countries with lower economies such as Romania or Bulgaria.

Doeveren added: "All the women here volunteered to do this work and they knew what they were doing."
The mystery behind Amsterdam red light district
Ms. Ilonka Stakelborough sat on a chair in the glass window where familiar of the girls to greet guests. Photo: AP
At the end of the museum is a wall of the girls' shares. "This work is not for the weak heart, I have become more thorny" - written by Eva from the Netherlands. "My mother did not know what I was doing and it made me feel lonely" - Carmen from Romania.

Visitors can also boldly share sexual secrets at a "confession" box before returning to the real world out there, where the glass windows are full of girls trying to earn a living every day before the eyes of millions of people.

Brief information:
The Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution is located at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60-62, Amsterdam, Netherlands. The museum is open daily from noon to night. Admission price 7.50 euros.

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