The mystery of 1 SGD - lucky money of Singapore

If 2 USD is lucky money of USA, 1 SGD is a lucky currency of Singapore. It has long been believed that an SGD coin is a feng shui talisman that helps eliminate bad fortunes. So what makes 1 SGD coin become lucky money in Singapore, let us find out through this article!

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The mystery of 1 SGD - lucky money of Singapore
In 1976 the Singapore government planned to develop the nation's infrastructure system. However, because of the small area, Singapore cannot build many roads and transportation systems. Initially, the Singapore government built a public bus system to serve the daily travel needs of people. However, by 1992 the project of planning and completing the infrastructure was predicted to fail for many reasons.

One of the reasons is that the cost of infrastructure construction is too high. The idea of building a metro project officially came into existence in 1967 when Singapore was only in its second year of independence. The total estimated cost to build the MRT project is 5 billion, which is quite a large amount for a young country. There are even many who believe that making a subway could break the nation's circuitry and affect the fortunes of Singapore at the time. Spiritual factors along with costs have made the project almost bankrupt.
The mystery of 1 SGD - lucky money of Singapore
In 1982, the plan to build the subway system on the lion island was officially approved and implemented by the government. However, the process of caring out and construction of the MRT system encountered many obstacles. At this time, Singapore was almost stuck in the process of building and reforming the country.

In 1987, 1 SGD was officially issued. It is a coincidence that this coin is designed in an octagonal shape, similar to the octagonal shape - one of the familiar images in Chinese culture. The birth of this coin made many people know that this was the necessary feng shui charm of Singapore at that time. 1 year after the release of an SGD, the first metro system in Singapore was officially put into operation, making people increasingly believe in the power of this currency. 

There are many other stories that are closely related to the SGD 1, in which, another equally interesting story is the advice of a monk about every citizen living on the island in Singapore that should bring an eight trigrams mirror to neutralize the bad things about feng shui. At this time, Singaporeans suggested issuing an octagonal SGD 1 coin to practice easily the monk's advice. 

From that story, later every Singaporean will bring 1 SGD as going out because they believe it will bring them good luck. However, this story has not been confirmed, still only rumors. While alive, the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew denied this story. 
The mystery of 1 SGD - lucky money of Singapore
At present, 1 SGD is still considered a lucky coin and is compared to the talisman of people in the lion island of Singapore. The stories revolving around money, along with the feng shui elements in the currency, give people confidence in the prosperity and national temperament. Especially when visiting the lion island, at the souvenir shops, visitors can easily see the gifts made like an octagonal coin. You can absolutely buy these gifts and bring them back as a souvenir.

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