The mystery of the bicycle-eating tree has not been answered yet

The bike growing on the trunk of the island of Vashon (Washington, USA) is still a big mystery. Many hypotheses have been proposed but not convincing enough to make the tree more famous.

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Vashon Island has a famous fir tree with an unsolved mystery. When you search for the keyword "bicyle in the tree," you'll see an image of an old, rusted bicycle, piercing through a tree at an altitude of about 2 m. Atlas Obscura said the scene was like "a giant trying to eat a car but giving up halfway." Photo: The Vintage News.

Many stories are woven about how a bicycle "grows" between trees. Some believe the car belongs to the boy who tied it to a tree trunk before going to the battlefield but never returned. Another story is about a character who chained the bike into the tree. He had so much to worry about growing up and forgetting that car. Over time, the fir tree grew and swallowed the vehicle whole. Photo: Justin_Moffitt, Emma_rock_n_roll.
However, the common point of these oral stories is the lack of logic. Many views agree that it is unthinkable for a tree to pick up a bicycle from the ground and stuff it into the body. The theory that someone carve a trunk and let the car in is not very convincing. So far, experts and local authorities have not provided any answer to this strange phenomenon. Photo: The Vintage News.
Another theory argues that when a tree is young, one of its branches has rolled into the bicycle. Over the years, the two became one. However, scientists claim that the young fir tree is not strong enough to wrap such a heavy bicycle. Photo: Markpriceseattle.
Locals still whisper each other about the story of the boy who went to war in 1914 and did not return after the war. His parents were at home because of so mourn over that placed his bicycle by the trunk of the tree, the rest became the phenomenon as today. However, this story has many unreasonable points. The United States did not participate in World War I in 1914 but in 1917. It was also inadequate for a 10-year-old boy (based on a bicycle) to be forced to battlefield. Photo: Adventure Journal.
The Seattle Times once claimed that this model appeared in the 1950s. The tree-bike used to belong to an 8-year-old boy, named Don Puz, who lives in Kennewick City. Don Puz lived on Vashon Island until 1992 before leaving. Photo: Ash_Shmeow.
In 1954, Puz's father died in a fire, leaving his mother and 5 children behind. Neighbors came to donate and support the family with money and toys for the children. Among these toys, the bike now hung on a tree is the thing that Puz hates the most. He once forgot the bike in the swamp inside the forest but did not bother to find it. In 1995, Puz visited his sister who was still alive on the island and was taken to visit Vashon's "famous landmarks". Photo: Alamy.
From the very first moment, Puz exclaimed: "That's my car". He said he still has no sympathy for the bike but definitely remember its shape. "I abandoned the bike a long time ago. At this moment, I think the tree is the official owner of the bike," Puz replied. Photo: Flickr.

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