The places with strange time zones in the world

When most of the world set clocks according to Greenwich standard time, some places set their own strange rules of time.

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After the meeting between the inter-Korean leaders, on 5 May 2018, the North adjusted the clock later than 30 minutes to synchronize the time zone with South Korea.

However, North Korea is not the only country in the world to interfere in time. Below is a list of 5 other countries with similar conditions.


In 2016, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the national time zone to be adjusted 30 minutes faster. Venezuelan Minister of Science and Technology Jorge Arreaza said the move would reduce the people's time to use lighting and air conditioning at night. This is also how the country copes with prolonged drought, which directly threatens electricity production, according to AFP.

However, thanks to this adjustment, Venezuela accidentally returned to the correct time zone according to Greenwich standards. In 2007, his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, asked the country to adjust the delay to 30 minutes.


After separating from Ukraine in 2014, people on the Crimea peninsula changed the time zone. In March of that year, the clocks in Crimea were adjusted to two hours in advance, to match the time in Moscow, Russia.

Adjusting this time zone in Crimea has stirred up the lives of the people. Many people have taken a long time getting used to the changing time zone.

The Hong Kong and Macau special zones also follow the time zone in China, regardless of when the sun rises or sets. Photo: News.
Despite its vast size, China uses a unified time zone. In 1949, in an effort to promote unity after years of civil war, Mao Zedong "gathered" all of China's time zones into one. Since then, the country has only one time zone, called Beijing time, or GMT +8.

This means that people in the easternmost provinces of China must also obey the hours in Beijing. Despite the fact that the sun in this area rises 2 hours later than the capital.

The Uighurs in the western province of Xinjiang then adjusted the time themselves, according to their local time. Therefore, residents in this area are living in two time zones separated by 2 hours, at the same time.


In 1956, the Nepalese government announced its time zone of + 5h45 GMT. That means they are 15 minutes faster than neighboring India. The move aims to make a difference to the giant neighbor and show Nepalese national pride.

Samoa is a country located in the Pacific Ocean. In 2011, they adjusted their time zone to 24 hours earlier. Photo: LonelyPlanet.
In 2011, Samoa changed its time zone, turning the clock faster than 24 hours. That means this is the country in the earliest time zone. Samoa was later recognized as the first sunrise country in the world.

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