Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The set of night photos makes tourists wish Da Nang to 'stay up late'

Da Nang is constantly upgrading its infrastructure, including replacing the lighting system worth 40 billion VND. But what is the special night life in Danang besides the limelight?

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“Danang night is very interesting with bars, restaurants, cafes, Love Bridge… but remember to enjoy everything before 10pm. Because shortly thereafter, Da Nang will sink into stillness, ”said Ngoc Son - a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City.
Most nights in Danang are characterized by tranquility, except during the summer months, when there is an international fireworks festival. Yachts on Han River used to attract tourists, but for many years, only going on a boat to go around the river was the end, without cultural and recreational activities. By 22h, almost no guests going yacht, although the closing time of this service is 23h.
Few places have many night markets such as Da Nang, from Helio night market, Son Tra night market to Le Duan night market ... However, the most "luxurious" Helio Center also clears the goods and closes at 22:30.
The largest of the Da Nang night markets is probably the Son Tra night market. This is a mobile night market, during the day it is still the way, from 17h start blocking the road, setting shops to make markets. Although tourists come to visit, the amount of buying is not much.
Ms. Minh Phuong - from Da Nang, led a group of Thai friends on a romantic love bridge, admiring the fire-breathing Dragon and Quay bridges, and watching the whole city shimmering on the Sun Wheel that is the end point of the journey. Besides a few bars and pubs playing music at full capacity along Bach Dang Street, Phuong could not find any entertainment spot at 23h. “Not that Danang people want to go to bed early, but because Danang has no conditions to sleep late. Sometimes I joke with foreign friends that there is no nightlife here, only afternoonlife (life in the afternoon) ”, Ms. Phuong half-jokingly said.
Talking about nightlife and entertainment spots in Da Thanh, Mr. Phung Xuan Khanh, Director of Tien Phong Travel Service Co., Ltd (Tien Phong Travel) said: “Danang night has only drinks and performing in Dragon Bridge for 15-30 minutes on the weekends. The city has a few night markets, but few goods, difficult to control the quality, so it can not attract tourists. Therefore, whether it is a group or an individual, at night they still prefer to move to Hoi An to experience. It is difficult for tour operators to extend their stay in Da Nang ”.
Bars and clubs are considered to be the latest activity of Danang night, but are only open until about 1am.
From the United Kingdom, Matthew Doddy and his friends chose Danang for a breather after completing an important project. Impressed with how much Da Nang, the night of Da Nang made Matthew somewhat disappointed: “The evening here ended so fast. Before I have not yet discover all the specialties, the restaurants were closed. Only a few bars open through 12 o'clock, but not everyone likes to go bar ”.
Despite being a city with impressive tourism growth. But the lack of nightlife activities becomes the minus point of the city, not fully exploiting the inherent tourism potential of the city.

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