The town of Forget in Canada - a place where time is forgotten

The town of Forget is considered a "mecca" of music and food even though there is only one restaurant, one church, and several abandoned buildings.

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When driving along Highway 13, Saskatchewan province (Canada), if not paying attention, you will be able to easily ignore the town of Forget (pronounced "for-jay"). There is only one restaurant, a church and a few abandoned buildings but what one can discover in this small town is much more than that.
Ten years ago, Shannon and Don Shakotko, who lived in the nearby town of Maryfield, read an article for sale in the Forget parish. Having a background in music and a dream to build a community around the area, they renovated and turned the abandoned building into a theater for artists and musicians throughout Saskatchewan province.
Shortly thereafter, Shannon and Don continued to open The Happy Nun Cafe, which served dishes made with ingredients from nearby farms. By 2015, chef Katie Vinge-Riddell bought the restaurant and continued to develop it into a thriving business location in Forget and in the region.
The name of The Happy Nun Cafe restaurant pays homage to the heritage and language of France - the first main language of the people of Forget town. Here, portraits of nuns are decorated in the living room and around the dining area. In addition, customers to The Happy Nun Cafe can also learn stories about the ancient ruins of Forget, including the first post office box at any location in the restaurant.
The early time of buying The Happy Nun Cafe was the hardest time for Chef Vinge-Riddell. The restaurant is very empty because people here are not familiar with the cuisine style of the restaurant. But then, Vinge's dishes appeared on the local television show The Prairie Diner, drawing the attention of many food bloggers. Since then, The Happy Nun Cafe has gradually conquered diners in the town and become an indispensable destination for tourists to Forget as well as a place for birthday parties, anniversaries or weddings which be favored by locals.
At present, The Happy Nun Cafe serves 60 to 70 guests every night from all over Saskatchewan and the United States. The number of visitors coming here every day is even greater than the number of people living in the town of Forget.
The reputation of The Happy Nun Cafe restaurant is increasing, making Forget become a food and music mecca in the area. Shortly thereafter, the town began hosting weekend concerts and festivals, attracting many famous artists.
You can recognize the town of Forget when you finish the asphalt road that extends nearly 2 km from the main highway. Most of the area is surrounded by agricultural land, with bare hardwood and birch trees, far away from the horizon are active rigs. In the winter, the thick white snow covers the entire lawn and houses, making the landscape even more deserted and cold.
The town of Forget is named after the governor of the province. It was founded in 1899 by a group of French priests. In 1905, seven French nuns were invited and they soon took control of most parish activities.

Previously, Canadian railway company Pacific Railway built a station in the southern area of Forget. Since then, this town has become the most densely populated and developed area in the region. At its peak, there were three banks in Forget, two department stores, a separate newspaper editor and a modern hotel. Later, the nuns even opened a school and built a parish, which quickly increased the population of Forget to 300.
However, after the train stopped running here in the 1990s, residents of Forget in turn moved to the nearby big cities to make the population significantly reduced.

Since then, the town of Forget has gradually fallen into oblivion as its name suggests. Today, the town has only 40 people, mostly farmers, musicians and singers. They love Forget because it is peaceful, homely and without the hustle and bustle of modern life.
In the town of Forget, there are no paved roads or good infrastructure. People self-transport and provide running water. If the furniture is damaged, neighbors will help each other to repair it themselves. Often, people prefer to exchange essential items with each other rather than having to drive 20 minutes to the nearby town of Stoughton to shop.
Currently, the small town Forget has reappeared on the map. Despite being the only restaurant in the town, The Happy Nun Cafe is the place that brings people closer together and maybe that's why people can't forget the name Forget.

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